Performance Review: adidas adiPure

Performance Review: adidas adiPure

words // Zac Dubasik

adidas adiPure

There was a time – not all that long ago – when double-lasted basketball shoes were abundant. With AND1 leading the charge, and outfitting a significant percentage of the League in the early 2000s, this construction somehow managed to be simultaneously externally sleek and internally clunky, and became commonplace on the hardwood. Aesthetically, I’ve never been a fan. I’ve always thought it made shoes look cheap. More importantly though, I’ve never (generally speaking) liked how they play. Double-lasted shoes are often very stiff out of the box, and take some extended breaking in before their transitions become acceptable.

The concept of double-lasting a shoe is relatively simple. Rather than sandwiching the midsole between the upper and outsole, the upper actually wraps the midsole. Visually, it appears that the shoe lacks a midsole altogether, however, it’s just hidden behind the upper. While it can give an interesting look to a shoe, and at times help you get lower to the ground, it often also leads to an overly stiff transition, as well as internal stability issues. Robbie Fuller, who co-designed the adiPure with adidas Designer David Cin, explains how they hoped to overcome that problem. “Double lasting can affect performance by adding stiffness to the outer perimeter of the shoe,” Fuller says. “Adding PureMotion flexibility to the double last construction means you get the best of both worlds – flex and control.”

adidas adiPure Basketball Shoes Performance Review

It’s a concept that makes sense on paper, but how does it translate to on-court performance? When I first tried the adiPure on, I wasn’t so sure it would be successful. The shoe initially exhibited many of the negative characteristics I normally associate with double lasted shoes, such as a clunky transition and sloppy fit. It did feel low to the ground though, and have a court feel familiar to many of the PureMotion-based adidas shoes I’ve played in recently, which I find to be excellent. Within just two or three runs, the shoe began to flex much more naturally. It was a huge improvement for such a short period of time. If you are a player that is looking for the absolute smoothest ride out there, you can definitely do much better. But if support and protection are your top priorities, the transition and court feel are exceptional for such a substantial shoe.

While the transition did end up being a positive aspect of the shoe, the fit – or lack thereof – was there to stay. The shape is one that will fit anyone, but no one well. That’s obviously a generalization, and I’m sure some ballers with wide feet will be able to get a much better fit than I did. Then again, my feet are slightly on the wide side already, and these still felt too bulky. I was disappointed in the fit, because I was a big fan of the SPRINTSKIN uppers found on both the SuperBeast and Rose 1.5. I found those uppers to extremely supportive and protective, without feeling heavy or cumbersome. Without that one-to-one fit, the effectiveness of the SPRINTSKIN was hard to appreciate here. As for breathability in the upper, it’s perfectly acceptable, but not great.

adidas adiPure Basketball Shoes Performance Review

Thanks to that less-than-ideal fit, the overall feel of the upper is bulky. You won’t mistake this for speed-based shoes out there like the DRose signature line. What saves it though is the excellent cut of the collar. While it could have easily become an immobile, big men-only shoe, the heel notch offers excellent range of motion. So, while it’s not a sleek and fast shoe, it is commendably mobile for all of the padding and protection it offers.

And speaking of protection, the adiPure features full-length adiPRENE+ hidden in that double-lasted midsole. “We’ve done it before but it hasn’t been full-length on our products for a while,” explains Fuller. “With the adiPure, we wanted to make sure it was full-length to give the best energy return to versatile players.” For fans of adiPRENE+, you’ll find the stable, somewhat firm cushioning you’re accustomed to, in a low-to-the-ground package. I always find that adiPRENE+ takes some breaking in before I’m able to feel a perceivable level of protection, which was the case here. Even once it’s broken in though, I didn’t find it to be as effective as the newer Alive cushioning found on the SuperBeast, or even the Crazy Light’s foam package (although the Crazy Light cushioning setup may not be supportive enough for some bigger players). If you do like adiPRENE+ however, the excellent court feel makes it a top-notch use of the cushioning.

adidas adiPure Basketball Shoes Review

The outsole of the adiPure features the aforementioned PureMotion configuration, along with the effective Cilia Traction surface. This has been a winning combination in the past, and continues its streak here. I don’t find the traction itself to be the absolute stickiest out there (although very good), but the PureMotion configuration allows for your foot to find something to grip at much more extreme angles than your standard shoe. Between its secure traction on harsh cuts, and the close-to-the-ground court feel, the adiPure’s outsole is a standout.

The adiPure is a well-rounded performer, and based on its generically shaped last, should work as a solid team shoe. But it’s hard to get excited about it when there are so many competitively priced shoes – from adidas as well as other brands – that do most of what it does, as well, if not better. And fit better on top of it. The big exception will come for players with wide feet. If you have a hard time getting finding a shoe that’s wide enough, the adiPure is definitely worth a look. It’s heavily padded upper, supportive cushioning and dynamic court feel make for a protective and surprisingly nimble ride.

best for: forwards, centers

colorway tested: Black/Infrared/Black

key tech: PureMotion; basketball-specific SPRINTSKIN on lateral side of upper; full-length adiPRENE+; Cilia Traction surface

pros: court feel; protection; traction; cut

cons: fit is so generally accommodating that it won’t fit many ballers ideally; bulky feeling

improvements: SPRINTSKIN on medial side of shoe; refine shape of upper

buying advice: As a team shoe, the adiPure offers a well-rounded and durable option, with a short break-in period. For just $10 more than the adiPure’s retail price, you can find better options from multiple brands. But, if you have wide feet, and are looking for a shoe that is impressively mobile for the protection it offers, it’s a shoe worth checking out.

Available now: adidas adiPure

adidas adiPure Performance Reviewadidas adiPure Reviewadidas adiPure Basketball Performance Review

adidas adiPure – New Spring Colorways

adidas adiPure – New Spring Colorways

words // Brandon Richard

Adidas Basketball has gained a ton of momentum in recent months, and a lot of that falls on the shoulders of their two signature athletes, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard. However, what has really put the brand’s standing in basketball over the top is their strong team offerings, the latest being the adiPure. Worn by the majority of the adidas Basketball roster, the SprintSkin-supported hooper has been an on-court favorite since the NBA’s All-Star break. Available now at Eastbay are three new colorways of the adiPure that arrive just in time for spring.

Two of the shoes are black-based and feature vibrant color pops. Electricity Yellow takes care of the tongue branding, 3-Stripes and outsole of one shoe, while Infrared takes on a similar role for the other pair. The third look pairs Aluminum Grey with Columbia Blue accents and sports a look similar to one of the adiZero Rose releases. All three styles can be purchased today.

Available: adidas adiPure

adidas adiPure Black Electricity G22293

adidas adiPure Black Infrared G22294

adidas adiPure Aluminum Columbia Blue G22291

Release Date: adidas adiPure – “All-Star”

adidas adiPure – Intense Green/Black

words_Brandon Richard

After taking a look at the adidas adiPure in the “Sun” All-Star Game colorway a week ago, we present another vibrant colorway of adidas’ newest basketball performance shoe set to hit Eastbay early next month. This pair features an all-over design in the bright green hue known as ‘Intense.’ Black accents the shoe on the inner liner, as well as the lateral and medial Three Stripes, toe stripe and branding on the heel and outsole.

While the look of the shoe is certainly eye-catching, the technology incorporated into the build is what puts the adiPure over the top. SprintSkin paneling on the sides keeps the shoe form-fitting and lightweight without compromising stability. Full-length adiPrene cushioning provides impact-absorption in the heel and propulsion in the forefoot. Taking care of the outsole are the “Feet You Wear” inspired PureMotion pods, which work to adapt to the natural motion of the player’s foot. Not only do you get a dynamic look with the adiPure, but also a dynamic performer.

The adidas adiPure “Intense Green” colorway will be available in limited quantities at Eastbay February 4th.

adidas adiPure Intense Green Black

adidas adiPure Intense Green Black

adidas adiPure Intense Green Black

adidas adiPure Intense Green Black

adidas adiPure Intense Green Black

adidas adiPure Intense Green Black

Release Date: adidas adiPure – “All-Star”

adidas adiPure “Sun” All Star Weekend

words_Nick Engvall

Yellow has been a popular color choice across all brands for basketball shoes this year, as we saw with the upcoming adiZero Rose All Star. The adidas adiPure, which we got a sneak peek of last month, will continue that trend during the 2011 NBA All Star Weekend festivities on Friday and Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Don’t let the blinding “Sun” colorway fool you though, there is much more to the adiPure than just a bright colorway and sleek design.

Continuing the lightweight approach of previous adidas Basketball shoes with the single layer synthetic Sprint Skin material is a key part of the adidas adiPure. On the adiPure, adidas’ PureMotion Pods on the outsole seem to have a more recognizable visual tie to the unforgettable Feet You Wear technology from the late nineties. Full-length cushioning is provided by adidas’ adiPrene system, which is designed for high-impact shock absorption. Traction is handled by the adidas Cilia Traction system, which has been complimented for its grip in our recent Performance Reviews. The resulting combination is yet another solid release to look forward to from adidas Basketball.

The adidas adiPure “Sun” All Star colorway will be available in limited quantities at Eastbay February 4th.

adidas adiPure "Sun" All Star Colorwayadidas adiPure "Sun" All Star Colorwayadidas adiPure "Sun" All Star Colorwayadidas adiPure "Sun" All Star Colorway