Training Tips from STACK

This Small Exercise Tweak Will Build Muscle

Sometimes making the smallest changes to your workouts can have a huge impact. One of these tweaks that has been proven to work is Reverse Training. By performing backwards-themed versions of your normal training routine, you can keep things fresh while also highlighting different muscles. Check out what each move looks like.

How to Get More From the Push-Up

Almost everyone incorporates some push-ups in their workouts, but many athletes may not be fully aware of their true benefits. This exercise requires no equipment or set-up time, is very safe, and when performed correctly, can work your entire body. Rick Scarpulla, head coach of powerlifting for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, has six modifications you can make to get the most out of every push-up.

Sprint Drills For Improved Speed and Conditioning

Speed plays a huge factor in every sport. But in order to become faster than your opponents, you need to focus on exercises that specifically highlight this part of your game. Whether you’re new to speed training or do it all the time, STACK has the perfect sprint drill to help you gain explosiveness and endurance at a rapid pace.

5 Performance Benefits of Pilates

There’s a reason so many elite pro athletes are turning to Pilates during the offseason. It’s well known that conditioning is one of the best ways to build flexibility and durability. Additionally, it’s an incredibly effective way to add power and explosiveness to your game. Discover some of the top Pilates exercises that today’s sport stars swear by.

Prevent These 4 Common Sports Injuries

Improper management of injuries is becoming an issue across all levels of sports. Even with minor injuries like calf strains or tennis elbow, it’s important to take the time for your body to recover fully, or you run the risk of re-injury later on. To help avoid that, here are some keys to treating common injuries the right way.

3 Ways Your Diet Can Help Injuries Heal Faster

Another vital part of recovering from injuries is your nutrition. Eating the proper foods at the right time can have a huge impact on how quickly you get back to full strength. To help you upgrade your meals, here is a nice breakdown of what types of vitamins and ingredients you should look for in your food during the healing process.

Can You Handle the Rocky IV Workout?

Look, training montages in movies are awesome, and it may be impossible to find one better or more inspirational than this epic scene in Rocky IV. But even Sly Stallone himself would probably admit that the workouts are kind of ridiculous. I mean, he’s literally spending most of it in the Russian wilderness as a part-time lumberjack: chopping down trees, sawing logs, and chucking rocks around. Luckily, the training (and movie) buffs over at STACK have broken down each part of the Italian Stallion’s workout, so that you can get his blockbuster muscles in a way that is much more reasonable.