Every great athlete knows that you need to properly take care of your body in order to get the best training results over a short or long period of time.

This means eating right, staying hydrated, stretching, rolling out your muscles after workouts, not over working your muscles, and getting plenty of rest.

Rest And Recovery - Foam Roller

Thanks to our friends at stack.com, we put together some content on why you shouldn’t be working out every day.

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Working Out Every Day

1. To Replenish Your Energy Stores: If you consistently are in the gym every day, your performance will decrease and you won’t be able to do as many reps because the source of energy for your muscles, known as muscle glycogen, needs to be replenished.

2. To Repair Your Muscle Fibers: When you put stress on your muscles in order to stimulate gains, your muscle fibers become damaged. The process of rest and recovery after a workout rebuilds muscle tissue and actually is when your muscle gets bigger.

3. To Alleviate Muscle Soreness: Whenever you intensify your workout, add more weight, or increase the number of reps, your muscles are bound to get sore. Many times you won’t feel the soreness until 24+ hours after your exercise either. This soreness is a sign that you need to add more rest into your weekly workout schedule.

4. To Avoid Overtraining: When you train too frequently you run the risk of overtraining and putting stress on your body, along with exhaustion, fatigue, irritability, or even injury. When you begin overtraining, your body begins to break down muscle instead of building it, which isn’t what you want.

In order to keep yourself from overworking your body, you need to schedule appropriate recovery time into your training program.

Rest And Recovery

In your schedule, make sure to rest each muscle group for 48 hours before working it again. For example, if you work your legs on a Monday, don’t rework them again until Wednesday. Along with this, you should also plan two days a week for total body rest.

In essence, sticking to a strong workout-and-rest schedule will allow you to continue seeing growth in your exercise program as a whole.