Travelle Gaines Off-season Football Training

Image provided by Travelle Gaines

By Travelle Gaines

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” Preparing for a football season can be extremely grueling, but if done with the right approach, it can be easier than you think.


The first thing you have to decide is this: What are your expectations for yourself for the upcoming season? Based on those expectations, you must set some goals that are challenging but attainable, as setting goals gives you direction and extra motivation.


Assess your performance from the previous season by breaking down your strong points and areas that need improvement, both in the weight room and on the football field. Also, implement your wants — things that could potentially take your performance to another level such as adding weight, improving conditioning, getting faster, etc.


Decide how much time you plan to dedicate to training this offseason. Even if it’s for just two or three days each week, it is extremely important that you consistently work to improve. Your performance inside the weight room is just as important as your performance on the football field. Working to improve both aspects will put you on the path to dominate next season. Finding a workout partner will challenge you to work harder and hold you accountable for reaching your goals. It’ll be best if you find someone who shares similar goals and the same mindset as you.


The summer months are the hottest months of the year, so staying properly hydrated will be just as important as your training regime. Adequate hydration is critical for optimal body function and performance. this summer, focus on water as your main source, with sports drinks acting as good supplements to your water intake during training.

Follow these four keys, and not only will you dominate this offseason, but you’ll also be well on your way to a successful football season.