Manteo Mitchell CoolSwitch

The industry’s major athletic apparel brands have put a huge focus on cooling technology. Everyone is looking for new ways to manipulate fabric to offer better moisture management and airflow, but one brand just set the bar: Under Armour. If you haven’t heard of UA’s CoolSwitch Technology, you’re in for one cool treat.


CoolSwitch technology is UA’s latest innovation that’s designed to reduce body heat. When your body is pushed to its limits, it overheats and shuts down, causing you to take a break. No great athlete wants to take breaks. What CoolSwitch technology does is promote cooling airflow that slows down the overheating process to keep you performing longer.


There’s a high-tech coating on the inside of every piece of CoolSwitch apparel that pulls the heat away from your skin so you can literally feel yourself cooling. The best part? It’s activated by sweat. So, all across your body, as you sweat, the CoolSwitch coating is working just as hard as you are to remove the heat (and sweat) from your skin, keeping you as fresh and light as possible.

Byron Buxton CoolSwitch


Some of the greatest athletes in the world wear Under Armour gear — just look at the MVPs of 2015. But two of our most recent cover stars actually train in CoolSwitch apparel: Byron Buxton and Manteo Mitchell. One is the top prospect in the MLB, and the other is a sprinter training to qualify for the world’s largest competition. They are two very different athletes with very different training regimens, but they both know they have to push themselves harder than their opponents if they want to win. That’s why they trust CoolSwitch. It doesn’t matter what sport you play or what exercise you’re doing. CoolSwitch technology is designed to keep you fresh — and it will.

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