Michigan Jordan

Winners don’t know some secret formula that propels them to victory. There isn’t a shortcut to success. There is only hard work and preparation. Jim Harbaugh knows that to be true, and it has helped him win at every level. He found success as a player and a coach at both the college and professional level, because he has a keen understanding of the mindset a champion must have.

“A champion attacks every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind,” Harbaugh said. “A champion strives to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.”

Constant improvement is the driving force behind most accomplished people and organizations. Take a look at Jordan Brand, which has decades of sustained success in the sneaker game. Jordan Brand is continuing to push the envelope and reach even greater heights. It’s about building upon past victories, and getting put in the best position for success in the future.

Jordan Brand, Michigan, and Jim Harbaugh are all primed for success after agreeing to a groundbreaking deal making Michigan the first Jordan Brand program in college football. Jordan Brand is widely considered the gold standard of the athletic apparel and footwear industry, and Michigan is the winningest program in the history of college football. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan, and Jordan Brand have all found success individually. Now, they’re joining forces, and it’s all about the team.

“Champions are surrounded by fellow winners who share a goal of winning as a team,” Harbaugh said. That perfectly sums up the marriage between Harbaugh’s Michigan program and Jordan Brand. The two champions will work toward winning together, with Jordan Brand using its excellence in athletic apparel and training gear to provide the Michigan Men with all the best tools to be successful, because champions aren’t made on game day. They are made in the weight room, on the practice field, and far away from the bright lights of The Big House.

“Preparing the team for a weekly game is a process,” Harbaugh said. “The process is a well-thought-out plan, devised over a long period of time and adjusted as circumstances dictate. Our goal is to allow no team or program to outwork us in our preparation for game day.”

Jordan Brand will be an integral part of that preparation, because for Michigan athletes to be the best, they need to work with the best. Jordan Brand and Michigan teaming up is about combining excellence, finding new opportunities, and seizing them.

“We concentrate on creating opportunities to make us better,” Harbaugh said. “Opportunities created by a love of competition, a love of hard work, a love of disciplining your mind and body to do right, a love for showing up every day with a positive attitude, and a love for treating all those with whom you associate as you would wish to be treated.”

Jordan Brand, Michigan, and Jim Harbaugh combine to form a winning team and one heck of an opportunity. An opportunity to build upon their individual successes by joining forces to create something truly revolutionary.

To celebrate their partnership, Jordan Brand and Michigan are collaborating on their next product. The Jordan Trainer 1 Low ‘Michigan’ will be available in a navy blue and yellow colorway to match Michigan’s school colors. It drops on August 8 at eastbay.com.