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Every runner has his or her doubters. Whether it’s a coach, family member, or rival, someone has told them that their dreams are too big or impossible. But those words don’t make the elite give up – they only make them work harder. Those haters are fuel to the fire. Don’t believe us? Here’s how some record-setting runners have Conquered Their Can’t. Shout out to our friends at STACK.com for the great videos.

Sydney McLaughlin

“I like a challenge. I like when people tell me I can’t because it gives me something to work towards.”

Drew Hunter

“During my sophomore year, at the Penn Relays 3K, I told myself that I couldn’t win. I was the youngest kid in the field; it was my first time on the national scene. It was actually my dad who said, ‘Go out there and give it your all.’”

Trayvon Bromell

“My doctors, they said I’d never run again [after my injury.] I just never listen to people’s words. I’m a believer in God, so that’s the only person I’m going to listen to. It kind of aggravates my mom, because I don’t listen to anyone. I go by the man upstairs, and if he says that I can, then I don’t care about people who say I can’t.”

Trayvon Bromell

So now that you’ve heard from some elite runners, tell us in the comments about your own #SayICant story and how you have overcome or are planning on overcoming it.