At Eastbay, our mission is to help you Get The Best To Be Your Best. And across the board, what the best athletes have is speed. From the track to the court to the field, the best athletes are the ones who are able to win the race, make the play, or chase down the tackle. We want you to be that athlete. Here are seven tips from the training experts at on how to increase your speed.

3 Rules Every Good Speed Training Plan Must Follow

Speed isn’t just important to runners and track & field athletes. Being able to accelerate at the drop of a hat is a must-have ability in football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. When the game-changing play is on the line, all athletes need speed. And STACK has a three-pronged approach to help you get there.

Massive Acceleration: A Sprinter Weight Training Program

Getting faster is about more than just speed work. You also need power. Building up your strength allows you to push off from the ground with more force — and more force means more speed. Try this full-body strength plan and watch yourself fly to a new PR.

3 Simple Drills That Improve Acceleration

Power pushes you forward, but form is what will make or break your next PR. So, once you’ve built up your strength, it’s time to improve muscle memory. These three sample drills will help you build up the acceleration phase of your race, so you can leave the competition in the dust.

Improve Your Arm Swing For Faster Sprints

Once you’ve perfected your speed, strength, and form, it’s time to focus on the details. When winning can come down to tenths of a second, every movement of your body makes a difference. These resistance exercises will make sure your arm swing is working for instead of against you.

3 Treadmill Running Workouts That Build Endurance

Reaching top speed is only half the battle. Maintaining that pace is just as important. Use these three treadmill workouts to build endurance so you can outlast the competition when victory is on the line.

5 Stretches That Can Instantly Make You Faster

You’ve got the workouts down, but there are other ways to shave seconds off your time. Increasing your flexibility leads to better mobility and a more natural running stride. And who doesn’t want that? Try adding these dynamic stretches to your training plan and watch your race times improve.

Feed For Speed: 5 Foods and Supplements That Make You Faster

It’s important to choose the right fuel for tough training and race days. Look for ways to incorporate these foods into your diet as a way to complement your training cycle and give your body an extra boost. You’ll feel great and run fast.