Nike Flyknit

Comfortable, unique, supportive, and stylish, Nike’s Flyknit upper technology is the total package when it comes to both performance and casual shoes. But, what you might not know is that Flyknit material is also making it easier than ever to treat your feet AND the environment.

Flyknit uppers don’t just look and feel different from traditional shoes — they’re made differently, too. Most shoes are created by sewing together different pieces and materials, with the extra left on the cutting room floor to be discarded. Flyknit shoes, however, are made from one single thread, meaning there’s almost no waste.

Instead of needing to use different materials, like synthetic, mesh, and leather, to provide you with the support and flexibility you need while walking or running, Flyknit has these features woven into the thread, eliminating the need for extras. Areas with a looser weave allow cooling airflow to control sweat, and a tighter weave keeps your foot locked in place and holds the shoe’s shape.

What that means, is when the upper construction is complete, Nike is left with only what is needed — no more, no less.

Besides cutting down on waste, Flyknit uppers are lighter and more comfortable than their traditional counterparts. One piece means no seams, and that means less friction when you’re running, working out, or training. Less bulk also frees up your foot to move naturally for better performance and a more comfortable, one-to-one fit.

To top things off, Flyknit brings a unique style update to classic Nike silhouettes, blending different colors of thread into bold patterns and designs. So, now you can turn heads with your speed, reps, and style.