This week, Eastbay took a trip down to Florida to spend a day with the Nike Track team training at Montverde Academy near Orlando. Now, our idea of fun in the sun may seem a little out there to some people, but we love watching talented athletes in action. And this was no exception.

Led by coach Dennis Mitchell, the athletes of Star Athletics are fast, strong, and hungry for success. In between their busy competition schedules, the team let us drop by for a sneak peek at a typical training day, and to say we were impressed would be putting it mildly.

The team killed it on the track, working to build explosive speed from the gun.

Nike Track Team

They also did some serious damage in the weight room, building the strength they need to maintain form and gain power.

And through it all, they supported each other. There was laughing and joking all day long, because who doesn’t have a great time doing what they love? And during the toughest parts of the workout, there was cheering and shouting for every success.

Nike Track Team

Our favorite part of the day, though, was a quieter moment. While the team was studying video of its running form, a man running through the neighborhood stopped near the fence around the track and called out a friendly “Hi, coach!” To which Coach Mitchell affectionately responded, “My man!”

We were told that this fan stopped by almost every day on his run to send words of encouragement to the team. Today, he told them, “Coach, I just want you to know you have a bunch of superstars here, and you inspire me every day!”
We couldn’t agree more.

That’s why we took time after practice to ask some of these incredible sprinters about what drives them and keeps them focused. Kaylin Whitney, Candyce McGrone, and Isaiah Young had great answers, as well as advice for up and coming athletes, training tips, intel on some of their favorite workouts, and ways to stay motivated.

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