Sammy Watkins

Buffalo’s Sammy Watkins has jaw-dropping speed. The receiver prides himself on being able to outrace any opponent, and in just two NFL seasons, he has already made a full highlight reel of ankle-breaking open field cuts and momentum-shifting long touchdowns. But he isn’t motivated by individual accolades — he wants his team to win. We sat down with Sammy to learn how he’s getting ready to help the Bills make that playoff push.

What He’s Focusing On During Workouts

“Right now, I’m spending a lot of extra time cleaning up my routes and releases. I went back and looked at the areas I needed to work on, and those were some things that I needed to clean up. As a receiver, you’ve got to literally work on everything. You can lose speed, quickness, ball skills, anything, if you don’t work on it. You’ve got to do everything better than you did the year before.”

On The Importance Of Recovery

“I was hurt last year, so this is my first full offseason. And this is a time when you can really work on the health part of football. Whether it’s a groin problem, hip problem, or whatever — you need to take the time to fix it. Throughout the season, everybody gets nicks, bruises, or some type of injury. You’ve really just got to get in the cold tub and treat your body right. If you eat and sleep the right way, everything else should be fine.”

How He Handles Pressure And Stays Focused

“Pressure is in everyday life, so everybody deals with it. You definitely feel it in the locker room or in the huddle when your teammates are looking at you to make a play. But it doesn’t get to me because I just focus on doing what it takes to win. At the end of the day, it’s all about the team. From social media to fantasy football, there are plenty of doubters. I don’t really look at that. The guys in the locker room and the coaches — they’re who matter and who you play for.”

Why He Chooses adidas

“First of all, I’ve always loved adidas. I just think it fits me, my style, and the type of person I am. The adiZero cleats are some of the lightest cleats in the world. When I train, I do a lot of quick drills, improving my foot speed, so they are perfect for that. I think every athlete wants a pair of adiZeros now, not just guys in the NFL. Younger guys that look at the weight of the cleat and want to be the fastest should definitely pick adidas.”

His Advice To Young Football Players

“First, take care of your body. You have to eat, sleep, and train the proper way. Second, play every sport you can. Baseball, basketball, track — they all help. I was slow at one point and track really helped with that. And finally, I would say keep up your grades. You need good grades to make it to college.”