Myles Jack

Any football fan who hasn’t been living under a rock during the past year has heard about the meniscus injury Myles Jack suffered on September 22. A non-contact drill near the end of a routine practice was the setting for the freak injury that robbed one of college football’s brightest stars of his junior year.

But we aren’t here to dwell on his injury. We’re here to detail the exhaustive training regimen that Jack went through to get back to full strength and make an impact at the pro level less than a year later.

“When I first got injured, I knew it was bad ,” Jack admitted. “It was devastating for sure, because one second I was playing football and then the next second, I couldn’t even walk. But I never thought that my career was over.”

The resilient linebacker immediately set his sights on getting back to full strength. “The next step for me was still the NFL,” he said. “Even with the injury, I knew I was ready because I put the work in.”

Jack wanted to come back bigger, stronger, faster, and better than ever, so he turned to the Fischer Sports Institute in Phoenix during the offseason.

“They were great, because they helped me focus on myself,” he explained. “The main thing this offseason was conditioning and getting my body back in shape because of the time I missed. I got a lot stronger there, too.”

One area of focus during all of Jack’s training sessions was constant movement. “A big emphasis was always moving around and doing drills while I was tired,” he said. “It kept me in great shape and will also be helpful during long drives in the NFL.”

Those intense workouts have obviously paid off, as the 20-year-old is now healthy and poised to make an impact right out of the gates for his new team in Jacksonville. But even now, with this crazy offseason and draft process in his rearview, Jack still has his fair share of doubters. Heck, almost every team doubted him enough to pass on him at least once during this April’s draft. A quick word of advice: Don’t bet against him.

“There have been plenty of times when people said ‘You wouldn’t make it’ to me” Jack said. “But at the end of the day, you’ve got to make a decision. You can do whatever you want to do, and be whatever you want to be. It’s all about the effort you put forth. I’m a testament to that. You’ve gotta be up when people are sleeping: you’ve gotta do extra workouts: you just need to do whatever it takes to be what you want to be. No one will just make it happen for you.”

See what a day in the life of this workout warrior looks like.