Myles Garrett

The Myles Garrett that you’ll see on Sundays this fall is a monster. He regularly uses all of his 6’5”, 270-pound frame to physically overpower those foolish enough to get in his way and has a no-quit attitude that matches his incredible athleticism. He’s sure to become a nightmare to opposing tackles and quarterbacks for years to come.

That on-field persona makes his off-field chill all the more surprising. Myles is a relaxed guy who takes things in stride and has a multitude of unique passions. We got a chance to sit down with Cleveland’s top pick and figure out what makes his Jekyll-and-Hyde lifestyle work so well.

Myles Garrett

All right, let’s get right into it. You’ve already experienced a lot of athletic success during your lifetime. Who or what has driven you to perform at such a high level?

“What drives me is my family and friends. They keep me grounded even if I’m falling or in a tough moment. Maybe it’s my last rep and I’m trying to push myself — I go as hard as I can, because I think of them and know that I can never let them down.”

Let’s circle back to your family. It is full of athletes. Have they given you any advice about getting ready for the pros?

“I mean, advice-wise, my dad always told me that it didn’t matter whether I was a football player or a trash man. I just need to make sure I loved what I did. You never know what you’ll be good at, so you need to have that passion and give your all. Why would you want to look back when your career is over and wonder what you really could have done?”

Myles Garrett

We definitely see that passion on the field, but you are a really unique person off it too. You’ve got a love of dinosaurs and poetry. How important is it to still be your own person outside of just being a football star?

“I was a man before I was a football player, so I can’t lose who I am during the 10, 12, years that I hopefully play this game. I don’t want to just say that football is a hobby either, though. This is something that I love and it truly is a part of me. But there are other things that make up who I am as well.”

Aspiring to be more than just an athlete! Did that type of mindset come from any specific role model growing up?

“Muhammad Ali was the ultimate inspiration for me. He was so passionate — not only in the ring, but when he was helping others. From entertaining to being a father figure to helping his community, he always stayed true to himself. He spread his message, and was there for anybody who needed it. That’s the type of person I aspire to be.”

Dominant on the field and unique off of it, Myles Garrett is truly one-of-a-kind. Click here to read all about his ridiculous training regimen and get ready to watch him dominate your TV screen on Sundays for the next decade.