Day in and day out, the rookie linebacker puts in the work to be the best.

Being a pro athlete like Jacksonville linebacker Myles Jack isn’t a 9-5 kind of job, it’s a 24/7/365 kind of job. From early morning workouts to daily meal preparation – not to mention finding absolutely essential time for sleep – every second of every day affects how successful Myles is on game day. To give you some perspective on what this rigorous schedule looks like, the rookie took us through a typical day in his life during this past offseason.

Myles Jack

8-9: Meal

“I constantly ate smaller meals throughout the day, not just one or two big ones. It was a better way to fuel myself throughout the day.”

9-11:30: Workout

“I usually started working out at around 9. And the training sessions were very rapid-fire. For that entire 2-2½ hours, there would be very little break and we would just keep going.”

11:30-12:30: Recovery

“After that session ended, I’d go and get stretched out and make sure everything felt good. I’d almost always hop in the ice tub to help my body relax and recover.”

12:30-1:30: Meal

“I always made sure that I was eating plenty of meats, fruits, and vegetables.”

1:30-4: Nap

“I’m a big sleeper, so I would usually try to get a 2-2½ hour nap in at some point in the afternoon. It really helped keep me energized.”

4-5: Workout

“When I did more training later in the day, a big emphasis was always moving around and doing stuff while I was tired. It kept me in great shape, and I needed to do stuff like that to adjust to the speed of the NFL.”

5-6: Recovery

“Sometimes, after training, I would get a cool down in. It was all about doing whatever I needed to do to end the workout on the right note.”

6-7: Meal

“Some of my favorite meals were broccoli with chicken or steak. It was healthy for you and it tasted great!

7-10: Relaxation

“If I had a little downtime at the end of the day, I liked to sit back and watch TV. In my situation, I had so much going on that it was nice to just step back and kind of remove myself from the day for a bit.”

10-The Next Morning: Sleep

“Then I sleep the rest of the night away. Getting the right amount of sleep definitely keeps me replenished and ready to go for the next day.”

Myles certainly has the right mindset, regimen, and skills to make a mark immediately. Expect him to be a dominant force in pro football for years to come.