Cam Shepherd

Watching UA Next athlete Cam Shepherd play football is a thing of beauty. Fast, strong, and smart, the youngster truly stands out from his peers. The playmaker started playing football at the age of four and has piled up 17 rushing touchdowns, 7 passing touchdowns, and a 75% completion rate during his youth career.

As Cam continues to grow on and off the gridiron, he draws inspiration from some of his favorite pro players: Carolina’s Cam Newton and Jacksonville’s T.J. Yeldon. “I like the way they play,” Cam said. “Plus, with Cam, he spent time at a smaller college and worked his way up to a bigger school and then to the pros. So I’d like to follow in their footsteps.”

However, that’s much easier said than done, and he knows the road won’t be easy. “It will take a lot of hard work,” he said. “It will also take getting good grades and staying in school.”

But Cam is already putting in those long hours and late nights. “I do a lot of drills with my trainer,” he explained. “The toughest one is probably the ‘Killjoy,’ where we have to run up the hill with somebody on our back.”

Cam Shepherd

Whether he’s pushing himself during these intense training sessions, leading his team on game day, or even hanging out with friends during his free time, one thing remains the same: his love for Under Armour clothing and gear. Cam loves the premium fit, proven performance, and cutting-edge style that are synonymous with the brand.

One of his favorite products is the Under Armour Highlight RM football cleat, which he wears during games. “I love the way it fits,” Cam said. “It feels great and is very comfortable.”

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