The New Balance Freeze cleat is a game-changer. Built specifically for lacrosse, it provides sport-specific traction, fit, and style. So with another round of colors dropping, we sat down with Shaun Kellogg, the Product Manager for New Balance Lacrosse, and John Gregory, the Director of Marketing for Warrior & New Balance Lacrosse, to discover more about the cleat making waves across the LAX world.

New Balance Freeze Inline Colors

Jake Zipperer (JZ): The Freeze is built specifically for lacrosse. What features does it have that make it perfect for the sport?

Shaun Kellogg (SK): “We found that everyone else in the marketplace was just taking existing products and rebranding them for the sport of lacrosse. Nobody was really looking into what makes a lacrosse athlete different. So, really, that’s where we started.

We worked with Major League Lacrosse, accessed their game footage and studied their in-game moments. When we found a time when a LAX player was doing a move unique to their sport, we would take that into account and figure out how to put that into a product that would help them perform better. That really lead us to the main element of the Freeze and that’s the QuixRail plate.