Donovan Mitchell has quickly ascended to become one of the faces of the league despite playing for a small market in Utah. His highlight-reel dunks, saucy crossovers, and filthy step-backs have made him one of the most exciting players in the league. It’s why adidas gave him his own signature shoe after just one season and why there was a lot of anticipation around how this year’s version would look and feel. Mitchell debuted the adidas D.O.N Issue #2 in his first game down in the bubble, and just like his game, it made a statement.

You rarely find a sequel that’s better than the original (I still can’t believe they made 3 more Hangover movies), but the Issue #2 has a case. It was one of the rare exclusive low-top signature shoes when it debuted, and it stays true to form for the second issue. It’s back with the lightweight mesh upper, which helps Donovan soar through the lane and fly around the court. The shoe is still able to maintain a snug feel that allows your foot to breathe, so you’re in a comfort zone all game long.

Like most adidas signature shoes, the D.O.N Issue #2 features the standard Bounce cushioning. The design team worked to add some flexibility in the midsole with the cushioning, so the shoe feels less rigid, but still maintains that efficient energy return.

To keep you locked in when you’re on the ground the Issue #2 sits atop a rubber outsole and features a cord lacing system. The rubber outsole provides excellent grip so you can ping around the court in full control without slipping or sliding. The cord lacing system keeps your foot steady and stable within the shoe.

Make sure to hit up to find the D.O.N Issue #2 beginning on August 28.