From hoopster to hoops star, Michael was determined to be the best there ever was. The same moment he stepped on the floor, he started a burning fire. We were captivated by his flames, touched by his passion-emitting heat, and 30 years later, his legend burns brighter than ever with the AJXXX.

The face of the shoe is Russell Westbrook, and it’s a perfect fit. He’s freakishly fast, deceptively strong, and has an unrelenting passion to not only play basketball, but to completely dominate it — just like Mike. Perhaps they most resemble one another when you compare Jordan’s dunks vs. Westbrook’s. Their raw power, fierce energy, and jaw-dropping, rim-rattling power is only paralleled by one another.

Russell is as explosive as he is innovative, (I mean just look at this) and the confidence he exudes is reminiscent of #23. Each player can completely take over a game in its’ final minutes with uncanny alikeness. No matter how far the game is out of reach, if they’re feeling it, they’re going to let you know it.

Being the face of an Air Jordan shoe is a heavy burden to bear; it takes an impressive amount of honor, skill, and grit. It takes savvy intelligence, a fearless leader, and a flair for acrobatics. It takes someone like Russell Westbrook.