We bought and read this phenomenal book, and will now break it down for you. First off, it’s hardcover, with a protective sleeve and sliding cardboard carrier. It was written by sneakerhead Jay Lawrence, who compiled hundreds of hours of research and interviews with pertinent sneaker people in order to create this comprehensive book. The book is titled The Encyclopedia of Air Jordans: The Complete History and Definitive Guide.

Every Air Jordan, in every color ever made (with high-quality photos to boot), fills the 500+ page book. Included with each shoe is its history, its significance to the sneaker game, and nicknames, including an alphabetical price range guide for each and every shoe. Also featured at the end of the book is a glossary of sneaker slang and terminology so people new to sneaker culture can read with relevance.

The book was made possible by crowdfunding; Lawrence’s Kickstarter campaign raised over $112k — quadruple his goal! The foreword was written by Detroit sneakerhead Mark Bostic, who not only was kind enough to open up his massive sneaker collection for the project, but who also recently retweeted a decades-old Eastbay catalog. All 5,000 copies of newest version have been sold; however, there are plenty of resellers out there if you’re persistent.

We would like to thank Jay and Mark for the countless hours and sneakerheaded dedication it took to complete this project. As an athletic apparel company, specifically a retailer that sells shoes, we appreciate and understand the significance of sneaker history, and enjoy the culture and joy that sneakers bring into people’s lives.