With the release of Apex Legends there is now a new contender in the battle royale market to clash with PUBG and Fortnite. While the concept is obviously similar to other battle royale games, the big difference is players get to select one of eight characters to use. Each character is unique in the way they look and the powers they have.

Since I think about everything in terms of basketball and shoes, I took an in-depth look at each character, and using a top-secret scientific method determined which shoe each character would wear during a pickup game.

Gibraltar – LeBron 16’s

Once Zion Williamson enters the league and gets his own signature shoe Gibraltar will definitely be switching over, but for now he needs a shoe that can handle his build and power. He’s the type of pickup player who isn’t necessarily better than you at basketball, but he’s so big and strong that it’s pretty impossible to stop him. That’s why he’s definitely rocking the Lebron 16’s in a game. It’s important he has an excellent cushioning system to absorb all his weight when he lands after posterizing your shooting guard on an alley-oop. With combined Max and Zoom Air cushioning, the 16’s will make sure to take the strain off Gibraltar’s feet and legs. He’s also going to need an excellent support system, because if his ankle leans any type of way, that could easily lead to a sprain. With BattleKnit 2.0 and an external heel counter, the 16 is going to give the big fella all the support and stability he needs.

Gilbraltar Shoes

Bangalore – Harden 3’s

Bangalore has one job: shoot. And let me tell you, shooters gonna shoot. She is the focal point when you lead an offensive attack, and no matter how fast she may be going she is always under control. No doubt she is lacing up the Harden 3’s. Everyone on Bangalore’s team understands that their job is to stand behind the arc and let her go to work. She may kick the ball out to an open shooter, but no defender is really expecting a pass. Thanks to the Harden’s leather upper Bangalore’s able to change directions in the blink of eye while still feeling locked in, and the herringbone outsole ensures no slip-ups as she stops and starts on a dime. You may love playing with her, you may not, but there is no denying her greatness or her impact on the game.

Bangalore Shoes

Mirage – Kyrie 5’s

Mirage is all about confusion. The team of decoys he can deploy as his ultimate or the holographic decoy as his tactical are all designed to make you look like a fool as you light up the wrong person. Mirage is the ultimate trickster. When you’re matching up on defense before the game, he’s the one you are desperately trying to avoid guarding. Then, however, your teammates look at you and say, “You should probably take him,” and you mutter some choice words under your breath. You know he is going to embarrass you at some point with his handles, either by crossing you for easy baskets or sitting you down on a step-back. That’s why Mirage was made to wear the Kyrie 5’s. The curved outsole aligning with the new Air Zoom Turbo keeps him upright and cushioned as he attacks from every angle, and the mesh upper keeps the shoe flexible and supportive so no matter where Mirage is on the floor, he is comfortable.

Mirage Shoes

Lifeline – Curry 6’s

Everyone loves playing with a character like Lifeline. She’s the ultimate teammate. She makes the right pass almost every time, and the way she moves without the ball opens up scoring opportunities for other players. Lifeline may take the occasional heat check shot, but you allow it because she always taps her chest and says, “My bad.” She will follow up every bad shot by competing harder on defense, which you appreciate. Lifeline also definitely plays exclusively in long sleeves, and is for sure running in some Curry 6’s. The full knit upper keeps the shoe breathable while also providing a compression feel so that Lifeline can ball in comfort and stay focused on making the right play every time. The HOVR cushioning system gives that zero-gravity sensation so that it really feels like Lifeline is gliding through the defense and around screens.

Lifeline Shoes

Bloodhound – PG 3’s

If Bloodhound is on your team then you are feeling good. If he’s on the other team, and he’s picked you up on defense then you are definitely annoyed. He is going to ask about, and then be confused by the score every five minutes. He’s going to face guard you all game even though you aren’t good enough to earn that treatment. It’s also pointless to even try and take Bloodhound off the dribble because he’s going to be in your airspace step for step. By that point, you’re working so hard on offense that your defense slips, and he’s going to start stroking threes from deep in a nice pair of PG 3’s. The shoe’s outsole pattern was inspired by moon craters and keeps incredible traction in all directions. The padded collar keeps Bloodhound comfortable without sacrificing agility, so he can grind all game long, and slither his way through thickets of screens into an open three.

Bloodhound Shoes

Wraith – Jordan WHY NOT 0.2

Sometimes you have to ask Wraith whether she understands that this is a pick-up game and not Game 7 of the Finals. She is full-throttle all the time, moving like a lightening bolt around the court so you think she is in one place one moment, but then you turn and realize she’s on the other end of the court. Wraith is definitely a gunner on offense, but you respect it because she’s playing so hard and can make some incredible passes to set you up for easy buckets. She is most definitely a talker on defense and has the most coordinated outfit in the gym all the way down to her WHY NOT 0.2’s. Zoom Air cushioning gives the responsiveness that allows her to explode off of every step while staying lightweight. The only reason Wraith doesn’t run out of her shoes is the midfoot saddle that helps keep her locked in, ready to move in an instant.

Wraith Shoes

Pathfinder – Dame 5’s

You know who is just happy to be out on the court balling with his friends? Pathfinder. Sure, he wants to win, but he also recognizes that there are more important things in life than basketball. So, he is going to pull from deep, throw some fancy passes, and apologize to the other team when he fouls someone. He’s also going to make you laugh unintentionally with some self-deprecating humor. He loves the Dame 5’s because they are one of the few low-tops available. Plus, Bounce cushioning helps keep Pathfinder comfortable and light on his feet, and the herringbone pattern on the outsole ensures excellent traction.

Pathfinder Shoes

Caustic – Kobe A.D.

Caustic is the 50-year-old man at the gym running 5s with a bunch of 20 somethings. He’s constantly complaining that no one is trying hard enough on defense and is wondering why on Earth everyone is taking so many gosh darn threes. He is a constant talker, calling out screens, switches, and on offense he yells for you to swing the ball a half second after you get it. However, he will pull out some nifty moves leveraging his patience and pump fake to get you off balance so he can get a clean look at the basket. He is also 5000% wearing the newest Kobe’s. The Zoom Air heel unit provides responsive cushioning, allowing him to try and keep pace with the young guns. The cord lacing system and synthetic bootie keep his feet secure, lowering the chance of him turning an ankle.

Caustic Shoes

Chances are you’ve encountered these types of people both on and off the court, and you probably even have some of these tendencies (I, for one, am a Pathfinder). Let us know which one of these types of players you think you are, and any of your other thoughts on the list.