It’s no secret that Steph Curry is phenomenal on the basketball court, but you might be surprised to know most scouts didn’t think he would amount to much. But very quickly, Curry has exceeded expectations, becoming a deadly scorer and premier passer with filthy handles. And, you know, he’s got a championship ring and an MVP trophy. Not bad for someone who was told he’ll have limited success in the league and no potential to lead a team.

As a congratulations to Steph, Under Armour is releasing the Curry 1 Championship Pack, featuring two of Curry’s most popular shoes. This limited edition pack features the fan-dubbed ‘Batman’ PEs, which were on his feet when he clinched the NBA title. The other half of the pack includes the ‘Splash Party’ PEs, which are an underground favorite, and were rocked by Steph on his birthday. Quite the opposites, but both are very meaningful to Steph and his fans. You can grab this extremely limited pack for $399.99 tomorrow at 10 ET.

Get your pack.