It’s safe to say that nobody has ever played the game quite like Stephen Curry. His fast-paced, free-firing style of play has broken records and made Curry one of the game’s most popular players. It’s also revolutionized the game. In a copycat league, Curry’s success has led to teams and players trying to imitate his style, but nobody’s been able to replicate it.

As Curry continues to change the game, he relies on a shoe that aims to do the same thing. The Under Armour Curry 3 is using new technology geared specifically to Curry’s game to transform basketball sneakers. Here’s a breakdown of the Curry 3:


Threadborne Technology

The Curry 3 is the first shoe to feature UA’s new Threadborne Technology. High tension threads are woven intelligently to deliver the ideal mix of directional support and breathability for athletes. This combination provides enough support for Curry’s quick cuts and dribble drives without sacrificing on comfort.

Meta Wing Plates


Inspired by the tail section of a fighter jet, the Curry 3 features a Meta Wing concept that focuses on the idea of ‘active’ stability. Lateral and medial carbon fiber stabilizers lock down the heel, arch, and forefoot, while assisting the foot in the transition of forward movement. The added stability keeps Curry in total control.

Charged Cushioning

Curry wouldn’t be the player that he is without the lightning quick first step that helps him get so much separation. Whether he’s getting to the rim or creating enough room to get a shot off, Curry needs to be able to change direction on a dime. Charged Cushioning enhances his first-step speed with responsive energy that allows for stop-and-go cuts that leave defenders in the dust.


The updated technology helps make the best aspects of Curry’s game to be even more effective. The Curry 3 creates the perfect experience for Curry, and a nightmare experience for those who are tasked with trying to defend him.