Andrew Wiggins adidas Crazy Explosive

Explosiveness is the name of the game in today’s basketball landscape. The players are bigger, faster, stronger, and more athletic than ever before. Andrew Wiggins is the perfect example of today’s hyper-athletic star. His size, quickness, and springy athleticism create chaos on the court. He ignites crowds with electrifying dunks and creates memorable, game-defining plays on a regular basis. He needs a shoe that not only allows his athleticism to shine, but actually maximizes it.

The adidas Crazy Explosive is focused on doing just that. It’s built for the game’s most explosive players – highlight reel machines who play above the rim. The shoe is equipped with extensive tech features that allow it to truly live up to its nickname.

Crazy Explosive Full Length Boost

Full-Length Boost

Boost cushioning provides the extra bounce that allows Wiggins to attack the rim and anyone in his path. The cushioning provides lasting comfort and also enhances responsiveness so every time Wiggins lands, Boost returns that energy so he can sky even higher.

Lockdown Features

Keeping the foot secure and locked into position is vital for explosiveness. A shoe needs to work with the body during the jumping motion to maximize liftoff. To help with this, the Crazy Explosive is equipped with a full-length bootie that provides a tailored, adjustable fit to keep the foot snug within the shoe.

adidas Crazy Explosive traction


To ensure the best possible liftoff, the Crazy Explosive uses wrapped power traction and a contoured outsole, providing commanding grip and balance so that when it’s time to jump, you can really get up. Utilizing that power helps you sky higher and jump faster than usual.


On top of all the explosive features, the shoe also focuses on comfort. To play at your best, you need to feel your best. The Crazy Explosive ensures this with a Primeknit upper that offers comfort and allows for greater air flow.

adidas Crazy Explosive

Crazy Explosive

Traction, comfort, lockdown, and energy return combine to create a shoe that’s geared toward Andrew Wiggins and the game’s best players. In today’s fast-paced game, players need any advantage they can get. The Crazy Explosive maximizes your athleticism to give you an edge.

Andrew Wiggins puts defenders on posters, ignites crowds, and changes the momentum of a game with a single play. When it’s time to explode, he is equipped with the shoes that are engineered for that very moment. Will you be?