Style is important. Not the “spent $3,000 on a St. Laurent jacket” kind of style, but more the “we’re going to step out looking clean and fresh” kind of style. As we enter AAU season where it’s a little easier to show off your fashion sense we’ve put together a couple of outfits that will help you stand out on the court while also making sure you sure you can reach your peak performance. We also wrote a piece about the best shoes for AAU season that you can read here.

Nike Tech Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie x Nike Tech Fleece Jogger x KD 12

What’s the best feeling in the world? The correct answer is when you are absolutely unconscious in a basketball game, but not far behind that is when you rock an outfit that not only looks good but also is comfortable. The Nike Tech Fleece collection does exactly that. Nike completely reimagined the hoodie to give you a more customizable fit by removing the drawstrings and adjusting the zipper. Streamlining the fit and using a three-panel hood with bound cuffs helps keep you as warm as possible. We went with this muted pink color to help give you some pop and offset the black KDs. I’m a firm believer that everyone looks a better when they have some color in their outfits. Color is an excellent way to help you stand out. The joggers use the same lightweight, breathable fleece material as the hoodie and have the cuffed ankle to seal out the cold. They also feature zippered pockets on the sides and back to keep anything from falling out.

Nike JDI ‘90s Basketball T-Shirt x Nike Floral DNA Shorts x Kyrie 5

Nostalgia seems to dominate our culture more now than in the past couple of decades. Music, television, or fashion nowadays are constantly paying homage to previous decades. Is it because millennials and Gen Z are lazy and don’t want to create anything new? (No, that’s a dumb stereotype and if you bring it up again, I’m going to subtweet you). This fit is a little more laid back than the previous one. The shirt has clear call-outs to the ‘90s with the colors it uses (lime green, pink, blue) and the shapes that accompany the graphic elements on the back. There are deconstructed triangles and circles that really give off a vibe that many of the same clothes of that decade had. One of the things I really enjoy about this shirt is that the front is clean and minimalistic while the back is where you make a statement with the bold lettering and other elements. The shirt also features moisture-wicking technology to help keep you cool and dry in the heat. The shorts are more toned-down color wise but feature a wonderful palm leaf spread. It helps bring them to life and mixed with the colors on the t-shirt really give off a summer vibe. The shorts also have striped hem tape, which is an shout-out to old basketball style, and are made with Dri-Fit® technology to keep you cool. Perhaps no shoe has a better colorway to finish off the outfit than this Kyrie 5 which uses the same color scheme as the shirt.

Nike NBA Marlon Sassy Doodle T-Shirt x Nike Icon Shorts x Kobe A.D.

Everyone loves being the person to “discover” something first. It could be a song that hasn’t blown up yet, a memeable photo, or better yet a style of shirt, pants, or shoes that hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. While everyone has heard of Nike, they produce so many different collections some can go unnoticed. The Marlon Sassy Doodle set is one of those collections that has gone under the radar. Sassy is a self-taught artist famous for his illustrations of rappers and other pop culture figures. He partnered with Nike to create this set of t-shirts with his illustrations of several basketball players. For this outfit we selected the one with Giannis Antetokounmpo (for the record I didn’t have to look up how to spell it) who now has an argument for best player in the league. This shirt has a unique style that is unlike anything Nike has done before, so you’re guaranteed to stand out. In order to keep the shirt as the focal point of the outfit we went with a clean, simple pair of shorts that are made to perform. The Nike Icon Shorts utilize knit jacquard construction to maximize mobility and breathability and are made with Dri-Fit® material to neutralize sweat. Giannis debuted his signature shoe in the playoffs, but it won’t be available till the summer, so we decided to use a Kobe A.D. that matches nicely with everything. There are some elements that use a similar green to the shirt, plus a nice peach orange and deep purple to brighten up the shoe.

Crossover Culture Name Tag Long-Sleeve Training Top x Crossover Culture Ambush Shorts x Crossover Culture Fortune LP Low

We are going to change it up a bit with this next outfit. Crossover Culture is a relatively new brand based out of L.A. and has turned out some really nice apparel and shoes. This outfit also ties back in to one of my favorite takes which is that playing basketball in long sleeves is better than short sleeves. It’s so much more casual and sends a message to the opposing team that you can still drop buckets without going 100%. The Name Tag Long-Sleeve Training Top is an excellent shirt to play or train in thanks to the four-way stretch that gives you a wide range of motion, so your workout or shot isn’t constricted. They’ve also reinforced the side seams with taping which increases durability. The shorts pair well and are extremely comfortable and feature zippered pockets and moisture-wicking technology. Where Crossover Culture really excels, though, is with their shoes which are a breath of fresh air and some of the most technologically advanced available. They have an LP Energy System that helps with impact protection, and a CMEVA carrier midsole provides comfort for every step you take on the court. They’ve also added Wishbone Suspension to give you dual-direction stability that doesn’t restrict flexibility.

adidas Dame Dametime T-Shirt x adidas Lillard Shorts x Dame 5

Damian Lillard does not get enough credit for how good of a player he has become. Now in his seventh season in the league, there is nothing Lillard can’t do on offense whether it’s bombing from long-range, attacking the rim, or creating for his teammates. He is also universally regarded as a great leader and one of the most confident guys in the league. Lillard may be finally starting to get more recognition as adidas has begun creating some Dametime apparel. The Dametime T-Shirt is a testament to Lillard’s clutch shooting late in games with graphics on the back that resemble a clock face. The shirt also uses Portland’s team colors as the basis for its color scheme. The shorts may seem simplistic, but they are built to help you dominate on the basketball court, not the fashion runway. Both the shirt and shorts have state-of-the-art, moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable on the court. adidas really stepped up its game with the Dame 5, equipping it with internal pods along the midfoot and under the tongue to give you cushioning in the areas you need it most. There is also a Bounce midsole to help absorb shock from landings and running.  

These outfits are sure to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable throughout the season. However, if nothing up there sparked an interest you can find tons of performance and casual apparel on to create your own perfect outfit.