As NBA seasons have come and gone over the years, so have different players, coaches, shoe styles, and of course, jersey and apparel styles. However, for the most part, on-court socks have stayed the same.

But in 2015 when Stance became the official NBA sock, what we knew about the simplest piece of apparel in the game at the time was about to change. For years, players suited up in plain white, black, or team color socks. Now, when they lace up their sneakers, they are supporting their feet with socks that offer the utmost comfort and style.

The Stance NBA On-Court Sock is more than just unique to the eye, though — it offers a number of comfort and support features. In order to give you an in-depth look at the sock, we broke down its anatomy from top to bottom.

Stance NBA On-Court Sock

  1. Y-Gore Seam: This knitted y-shape seam in the heel cup of the sock is built to give you the perfect fit for your foot. This seam keeps your heel snug in the back of the sock without allowing it to move around and become uncomfortable.
  2. Saw Tooth Anatomical Lateral Compression: The saw tooth design of these socks, aside from its unique look, is a key piece of the on-court’s engineering. This feature gives you all of the cushion you could ever need, as the compression stabilizes your foot and reduces wear and tear the foot takes from every day vibrations, all while offering you breathability. This component also gives you traction in one of the most important parts of your foot.
  3. Seamless Integrated Mesh: Knitted mesh makes up a large portion of the top of the sock around your shin and calf area. This may seem like a small detail, but the mesh allows for supreme ventilation, thermo-regulation, and forefoot comfort.
  4. Seamless Toe Closure: Believe it or not, your toes can take a beating on the court leading to blisters or cuts. Whether you are in the post battling for the rebound with your opponent or crossing over your defender at the top of the key, it is vital that you aren’t being held back. The precisely stitched toe box gives you a solid and flat look with an abrasion-free experience, keeping you comfortable and protecting you with its padding from blisters and cuts.
  5. Jones Pad: This feature is one of the most important when it comes to protecting the athlete on the court. The extra-dense cushioning in the mid-foot preserves your feet from the beating they take from the everyday grind of the game.
  6. Ankle Padding: One of the most important features of any athlete’s sock is the ankle support that it offers. During practice or the big game, this sock provides ultra-high loft cushioning to protect your ankles from wear and tear day in and day out.

If you are looking to beat your opponents off the dribble or gain a leg up on your defender with your post moves, the Stance NBA On-Court Sock — with its battle-tested cushioning and support — is what you need to take your game to the next level.