Air Jordan 31

The path to greatness is never an easy stroll. It’s a difficult trek filled with twists and turns, and most never reach their destination. There are too many reasons to give up and too much doubt along the way. The ones who do make it are defiant individuals who don’t make excuses and don’t listen to anyone who says they will fail.

That is the spirit behind the Air Jordan XXXI. Inspired by defiance, the AJ XXXI is all about overcoming the odds, soaring past expectations, and redefining the game. Defiance was part of Michael Jordan’s legendary reign, as he overcame injuries, repeated defeat, and illness on his way to becoming the greatest to ever play the game.

Michael Jordan was defiant from the very beginning. During his rookie season, his black-and-red shoes violated a league policy. As a result, the league handed out a $5,000 fine each time he stepped onto the court in the ‘Banned’ shoes. Jordan continued to wear the shoes – again and again – in spite of the league fine.

Air Jordan 31

The shoe represented Michael Jordan himself. Nobody had ever seen a player like him before, and he re-wrote the rule book on how the game was supposed to be played. Michael’s game – and the shoe – were revolutionary.

The AJ XXXI takes after the AJ 1 by continuing to defy expectations. The AJ XXXI is setting the new standard with game-changing versatility. It’s built to support the world’s most gravity-defying athletes, like Russell Westbrook, on the court with lockdown support, lightweight materials, and FlightSpeed technology that provides explosive bounce and a smooth ride. The shoe’s low-profile cushioning and full-length Zoom Air enhance responsiveness and lateral support for the ultimate court feel.

The shoe also incorporates iconic Jordan design elements, like the original Air Jordan ‘Wings’ logo and a subtle Swoosh, which hasn’t been seen on a Jordan shoe since the AJ 1. The AJ XXXI will launch in a black-and-red colorway, paying tribute to the AJ 1, and continuing the ‘Banned’ legacy.

Michael Jordan and the AJ 1 changed the game and set the standard in basketball footwear. Decades later, Jordan continues to defy expectations. The AJ XXXI ‘Banned’ is setting the new standard for the next generation of high-flying, gravity-defying athletes.