adidas-NBA All-Star

For this year’s All-Star game, adidas has opted for a more traditional, (and yet again,) sleeveless style for 2016. The Feb. 14 game takes place in Toronto, Canada, so it’s fitting that a sublimated maple leaf and skyline silhouette of Toronto are featured across the back shoulders. The stars on the shorts feature scratch marks that are designed to represent, presumably, a claw — a nod to the Toronto Raptors mascot. The Red/White and Blue/White color schemes are a much cleaner look than previous years, and the simplified design probably stems from past criticism of the league’s sleeved jerseys (LeBron James is a well-known opponent) and much praise from their classic, throwback uniforms.


The best part of the jersey unveiling? We get a sneak peek at the all-star kicks. It looks like adidas is giving them their popular Primeknit treatment, as well as their highly prized Boost technology. From what we can see, it looks like a beautiful Frankenstein of the Rose 6’s height and ankle support, and the 2015 Crazylight Primeknit Boost’s midsole. We’re sure more news on the shoes is coming, and we’ll be sure to update you as information becomes available. In the meantime, drop a line and tell us what you think of this year’s All-Star getups.