On my 26.2 mile journey to run the Chicago Marathon in October, having the right running shoes is essential. This Blog post is dedicated to a performance review of my Mizuno Wave Creation 11 women’s running shoes.

Since I began seriously running about three years ago, I’ve gone through several types of running shoes. Mizuno Wave Creation 11 running shoes are my most recent pair, and they are by far my favorite thus far.

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When I’m running, I like to feel that my feet are secure and cushioned. I broke my ankle a few summers ago, so one of my feet needs extra cushioning to keep going on long training runs. Despite this, my running stride is fairly normal. The Mizuno Wave Creation 11 shoes are designed to let your feet move naturally without major corrective features, so they are meant for runners with a neutral gate.


The Mizuno Wave Creation 11 women’s shoe weighs in at about 10.4 oz., so it is heavier than the average running shoe. The men’s model is 12.9 oz. These shoes are actually specifically created for the heavier runner, providing more cushioning and weighing more than most to take the pressure off the runner’s ankles and knees. I don’t necessarily qualify as a heavier runner, but I like the secure feel of the shoes and the way they fit perfectly on my foot. With other pairs of shoes, my toes would often get sore and I was prone to bunions on the inside of my foot; however, since owning the Mizuno Wave Creation 11 shoes, I haven’t had a trace of bruising, blisters, or bunions. On my first few running workouts with these shoes, my feet got tired faster than usual because I was not used to the extra weight. After a few workouts I got used to the feeling, and now I can’t imagine running without these shoes.


The thing I like the most about the Mizuno Wave Creation 11 shoes is Mizuno’s patented Infinity Wave technology, which provides extra support for the foot and optimizes your stride by reducing the shoe’s reliance on the midsole foam. The Wave technology is connected to the ground through the Sensorpoint suspension system, which gives the shoes increased traction and stability. The excellent traction on the shoes has allowed me to wear them on many surfaces, from paved surfaces to dirt trails. As soon as I stood up in the Mizuno Wave Creation 11 shoes for the first time and walked a few steps, I could feel my feet bouncing off the ground with an extra spring that surpassed all new running shoes I had tried on in the past. The VS-1 cushioning compound in the forefoot gives these shoes an extra liftoff in the runner’s stride.

Mizuno Wave Creation 11

Although the Infinity Wave technology makes the shoes slightly heavier than others, I feel that the increased stride length and firm ride these shoes provide makes up for the weight. These shoes also incorporate DynaMotion Fit, one of Mizuno’s newest technologies, which provides more secure fit while in motion. Mizuno Wave Creation 11 shoes are very flexible and durable as well, due to the SmoothRide Engineered solid rubber forefoot outsole.

At first, I was skeptical about the open area on the base where you can see the Infinity Wave technology. I was afraid that this open area meant that the shoes would be less durable and break down faster. However, the Infinity Wave technology is actually more durable than regular running shoe soles, and this has not been a problem for me. In fact, while some might think that the open space means a lighter shoe, other Mizuno models with solid bases, like the Mizuno Wave Rider 13, which weighs 8.6 oz. for the women’s model and 10.5 oz. for the men’s model, are actually lighter than the Wave Creation 11’s.

Mizuno Wave Creation 11


The outside of the shoe has excellent breathability and durability, thanks to the AIR Mesh upper and the Intercool full-length midsole ventilation system. I have worn the shoes on many different surfaces, from snow-covered trails to the hot beaches of Florida, and my feet have always stayed dry and cool.

GradeMaree's 26.2 Journey

Overall, I would have to rate Mizuno Wave Creation 11 running shoes as an A-. Although these shoes are solid and improve the bounce of my running stride, they weigh more than regular training shoes. For the heavier runner, these shoes are perfect, but for the average runner they can feel heavy, especially over long distances. I would recommend these shoes to any runner who likes extra cushioning and stability or who is slightly heavier-set.

Mizuno Wave Creation 11