LeBron 13

LeBron’s a family man, but his dedication to his basketball career is evident. He’s arguably the greatest player in the world, after all. What most people don’t see, though, is that he has the same (if not more) dedication to his family as he does ball. This shoe acknowledges the increasingly demanding balancing act between career and family, and it’s a nod to those who walk that fine line so well.

The predominately blue color speaks to the tranquility and calm peace that is LeBron’s family. The orange speckles and accents remind us of his team colors, and how Cleveland is intrinsically part of his family, but also a separate entity. Lastly, LeBron’s initials are etched onto the back of the shoes (unlike any other LeBron 13), which represent how important this balancing act of life is to him. You can get it Cyber Monday, only at eastbay.com.