Sprinter Trayvon Bromell has achieved both pride and glory — and the journey has just begun.

Being an elite athlete requires dedication, sacrifice, and hard work. Olympic sprinter Trayvon Bromell knows this better than anyone. His reward for living this level of commitment is more than worth the blood, sweat, and tears he has given up to reach his goals.

What is that reward? Pride & Glory.

Pride in himself, his country, and his sport.

The glory of being recognized as one of the world’s best sprinters.

New Balance Pride and Glory

Trayvon’s journey is just beginning, and he’s teamed up with New Balance to create awe-inspiring versions of the Vazee 2090 and Vazee Sigma that embody what pride & glory mean to him.

For this St. Petersburg native, taking pride in the journey is second nature. From Florida to the world’s biggest sports stage, the Pride pack showcases what it means for himto represent his country. Along the way, Trayvon has faced countless doubters and many challenges, and most of these moments are documented on his skin. It’s these self-designed tattoos that take center stage on the Glory pack.

New Balance Pride Pack

Eastbay: What does pride mean to you?

Trayvon: “You’ve got to have pride in this world. You’ve got to know what you’re good at, and you have to lift that up. To move forward in life, you’ve gotta know what you’re capable of doing, and you have to let that stand for something. Every day, I wake up and I give it 100% in anything that I do. If it’s in sports, if it’s in getting my education, or just helping the next person, I’m going to give 100%.”

New Balance Glory Pack

Eastbay: What does glory mean to you?

Trayvon: “The glory stands for people to remember where all this is coming from. It comes from the man above. Yeah, you work hard to build on that craft, but that craft is not made of you. It came from the man upstairs, so glory basically is giving that praise to him, because without him, I wouldn’t have those spikes. I wouldn’t have those shoes. I wouldn’t be with this company. I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”

New Balance Pride and Glory Pack

Eastbay: Can you tell us a little bit about the Pride & Glory pack?

Trayvon: “I give all the credit to the designers at New Balance, because they made it all possible with the designs and how it came out. I was basically just the symbol. What would be cooler than to have a spike with my tattoos on them? My tattoos mean a lot to me. They mean different things to me and different things that have happened in my life.”

Trayvon’s latest tattoo addition? A set of rings.