Shawna Gordon is a California native who has loved the beautiful game of soccer since she was four years old. She played in college at Long Beach State, and also professionally in the United States, Australia, and Sweden. Shawna now owns a non-profit called ‘Football For Her’, and her mission is to educate, motivate, and develop confidence in girls on and off the pitch; helping them reach their goals regardless of economic standing.

When Shawna is out on the pitch, she knows how important precise footwork is. Check out some of her favorite drills to improve your touch and dribbling skills.

Drill #1 – 3 Cone Drill

For this drill, you will need to set up three cones in a line with one step in between each cone. From there you will be working on the following touches using Shawna’s technique in the video below.

  • One touch passing
  • Instep volley
  • Double touch
  • Behind the back half volley
  • Inside thigh, opposite foot volley
  • Chest, inside volley
  • Jumping header


Drill #2 – 8 Cone Drill

For this drill, you will need to set up eight cones two steps apart from each other. Using all surfaces of your feet, you will be working on getting more comfortable moving the ball in different directions without losing control. The moves you will be working on are as follows:

  • The L Turn and Drag Touch Up – Start by working through the same side of the cones then alternate to the other side.
  • Outside/Inside Same Foot Touch – Make sure you’re in an athletic position and you only take one step with your opposite foot every time you touch the ball.
  • 2 Bell Roll – Roll the ball across your body and immediately take two inside touches, forcing you to alternate feet each time through.
  • Traditional Roll – Start with your inside foot on top of the ball. Without taking your foot off the ball, roll the ball outside and then across your body. With the opposite foot, roll the ball across your body and through the cones. Lastly, take a touch forward with your opposite foot and then repeat, starting with your other foot.


Additional Footwork Drills

These are a couple additional drills that you can do in succession to help strengthen footwork on the field.

  • One Touch Passing Drill – Get a partner and set up three cones in a line with about a yard between each. Start with a longer one-touch pass then move on to a short one-touch pass, ending with an L turn to bring you to the other side of the cones. Repeat with the opposite foot and do this drill faster with each rep to improve footspeed.
  • Resistance Band Drill – Use a resistance band while driving your knees and arms as hard as possible. Remember to lean forward slightly, keep your core tight, and go as fast as you can.
  • Ladder Dribble Drill – Use a ladder and step in with your closest foot. Then, take a step out with your initial starting foot so both feet are outside of the ladder and alternate direction. Remember to use the figure 8 motion and dribble back to the top of the ladder as quickly as possible.


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