Game Recognize Game: Neumann-Goretti High School’s Brett Kwoka is our December Athlete of the Month

Game Recognize Game: Neumann-Goretti High School’s Brett Kwoka is our December Athlete of the Month

Each month Eastbay is highlighting a top high school athlete by spotlighting their accomplishments both in and outside the game. This month’s winner is senior Brett Kwoka from Saints Neumann Goretti High School in Philadelphia. Brett was nominated by his football coaches for his allaround excellence and leadership both in and outside the game.

“Brett has been the heart and soul of our team this season. Since joining our team and from day one, he has been a leader on and off the field. Brett is a prime example of what a student athlete is all about. He has a 3.55 GPA and was voted 1st Team All Catholic for Offense and Defense.” – Coach Barnes,  Saints Neumann Goretti High School football

Here’s what Brett had to say about what it takes to be a successfull player, student, and leader:

What is your definition of a successful student athlete?

To me, a successful student athlete is somebody that shows excellence both on and off the field, like maintaining A’s and B’s in the classroom, not getting in trouble much, and trying to be a good role model for the community. And then on the field, somebody who’s a leader who dominates with their athletic ability and with their personality.

As a football player and wrestler, what benefits do you see to being a multi-sport athlete?

Wrestling really translates to football, and it’s been a great experience for me to do both. I’ve seen success in both sports because of the skills that help each other out. Wrestling helps maintain my balance, handwork – since I’m a defensive lineman – so it helps with me working on staying lower than my opponent.

What has been the highlight of your athletic career so far and what makes that moment stand out for you?

The highlight of my athletic career was actually this year! I haven’t played offensive line since I was in middle school, but my coach needed an offensive tackle and I said, “Sure, Coach! I can do it for the team.” I went in not expecting much, really, and I got First Team All Catholic, I was dominant on both sides of the football, and it was a cool way to end my high school career.

What was the most challenging part of picking up that position again after so long?

The plays, the timing, just working with my quarterback. I have a very mobile quarterback, so just the timing of when he wants to run out of the pocket and where I have to push the offensive linemen or how I have to really set the pocket. It was fun, but it was definitely a challenge relearning something I haven’t played for four years.

What do you love most about competing?

I like looking across the line of scrimmage and just knowing that the guy in front of me can’t stop me, can’t get by me, can’t block me. I like dominating on both sides of the ball no matter what. That’s why I love competing.

That’s a little different than when you’re wrestling – what’s that change in mindset like for you?

Well the mindset for football is, I do really want to be the best player on the field, but I don’t always have to be. I have teammates I can rely on – especially this year, I had really great teammates who, if I made a mistake, they would make it up for me. But in wrestling, it’s you vs. another guy. It’s one-on-one and everyone’s looking at you. If you mess up, it’s done. You have no one to fall back on or rely on. You either go home or you win in wrestling.

Who would you say is your role model in athletics?

I have two. Aaron Donald and Shaquil Barrett. Out of high school those guys weren’t very heavily recruited. They were a bit undersized like myself, there were a lot of people saying they couldn’t do it, and they found a school that believed in them and they went on to have great professional careers, just proving everybody wrong.

How important is it to you to be a role model for younger athletes who are coming up?

Oh, it’s very important for me. It’s like my driving goal. I don’t really go out to parties, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I try to give kids rides to and from practice, or back to their homes from school. I just try to be a positive role model in any of my teammates’, opponents’, anybody’s lives. When you’re a good football player, a lot of people have eyes on you, and they always want to look up to you. They’re always trying to look for you to be a larger-than-life human being – to be perfect – and a lot of times people fail at that. But I feel like it’s very important for us to try to be positive and try to help bring up these kids, because they’re the next generation of players and they learn from our mistakes.

Jalen Hurts recently came out and spent some time with your team. Can you tell me a little bit about what that was like for you?

That was an awesome experience. I mean, that guy’s day is massively busy, probably with deals and working out and training and practicing and film. And it was just cool for him to take time out of his day to give back to the community, which is really important, especially for me. Like we were talking about, he’s a role model and is trying to be a positive influence in the community and give back to the city he plays for. So, it’s really cool to see him interacting with us and talking with us, he asked questions and seemed like he genuinely cared about what we played, how we’re doing, things like that.

I know he spoke with you guys a little bit about the different types of adversity you face in or out of season. How do you handle adversity like that in the game? And what do you think is the best way to kind of overcome that?

You just gotta keep your head up. You just gotta keep moving forward, because the worst thing you can do when you’re facing adversity is to stop and drop your head. It’s really easy just to fall back and say, ‘Why me, why this? Why is it happening to me? Why can’t it be someone else?’ But the real question is, “Why not me? Why should it be somebody else?’

Adversity is put in front of me so I can get over it and be better. No truly successful person had an easy life. Everybody who’s successful had a ton of adversity in front of them. If you ask any professional athlete. Any successful businessman. Anybody who’s successful ever.

They always had a mountain to climb.

So, I think adversity is not something we should look at as negative, but positive. Because it’s forcing you to change, forcing you to be better.

I handle it by knowing you just gotta get through it no matter how tough it is. You just gotta keep your head up and keep moving forward, no matter how tough it gets.

So, when we spoke to Coach Barnes, he told us that you have been kind of the heart of your team. What does that mean to you? Is it leading by example? Is it doing what you can to lift up other players around you who are also maybe going through some adversity?

It just really comes naturally to me because I feel like I can relate to a lot of my teammates. Even if they’re going through something I can’t relate to, at the end of the day we’re both football players, so that’s something that we can both relate to on any level. If you’re having a problem at home, if you’re having a problem with your girlfriend, if you’re having a problem with anything or with anybody, you can come onto the football field and you can just forget about all that. And that’s something that I tried to reinforce with all of my teammates.

You come onto the football field, we forget about our worries, and after practice we can talk about it. I can give you a ride home. I could give you some help. I just try to be a positive influence in any of my teammates’ lives.

Do you think there are lessons from the game that will go on to help you face adversity in your life outside of football?

Yeah, there are a ton of lessons in football. You gotta learn how to lose in football. That’s the number one thing. There’s nobody who goes undefeated their entire life. You gotta know how to take a loss like a man and you have to know how to overcome adversity. I mean, we’ve had two comeback games this season that helped teach us that we have to overcome adversity.

And we have to be able to take a loss and to get better from it. Look at the film, reflect on what we did wrong, and keep moving.

What are some of the goals that you would like to accomplish after high school?

I would love to have a successful college career – hopefully win a few Bowl Games, have my school get into the playoffs with deep postseason runs, and get a National Championship. After that, if I’m able to, I’d love to play a professional career. And if I can’t, I would to take over my mom’s business. She’s a financial advisor, and I’m really interested in finance and economics. My parents and coaches have been really adamant about me having a backup plan just in case I get hurt or in case everything doesn’t pan out. I have to have a backup plan to fall on. They said it’s great that I have a dream of playing professional football, but it doesn’t always happen.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to continuing my athletic career – I just can’t wait to take that next step. I’m very excited to start the college process, commit to a college, find a home for the next four years, and then hopefully go pro.




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Game Recognize Game: Forest Hills High School’s Brady Christ is our October Winner

Game Recognize Game: Forest Hills High School’s Brady Christ is our October Winner

Each month Eastbay is highlighting a top high school athlete by spotlighting their accomplishments both in and outside the game. This month’s winner is senior Brady Christ from Forest Hills High School in Pennsylvania.

An all-around athlete, Brady is a two-year letterman who also competes in powerlifting and track & field while remaining active in his school community. He’s a member of the ski and media clubs, holds down a 3.4 GPA, and is a four-year PA Bronze Academic Award winner.

For Brady, football is more than a game. It’s all about the family, friendships, and character building that come with working hard to reach your goals. Here’s what Brady had to say about being a role model for younger athletes, the joy of competing, and his future aspirations:

What is your definition of a successful student-athlete?

My definition would be a student who balances being a successful athlete while also succeeding in the classroom and makes a healthy impact in their school community.

What has been the highlight of your athletic career so far, and what makes that moment stand out for you?

My highlight has been my defensive playing this year. I have two interceptions and there are still games to play.

Who is your role model in athletics?

My role model is Jalen Ramsey.

How important is it to you to be a role model for younger athletes?

It’s very important. When I was younger, I was raised up by older athletes who guided me down the right paths. I wish to continue that tradition and be a positive influence.

What do you love most about competing?

I love expressing all the hard work and effort I’ve put in. Getting to show that I’ve worked harder and I’ve become a better athlete is easily the best part.

What are some of the goals you’d like to achieve after high school, and what are you most looking forward to?

I’d love to be able to coach a team or be an athletic trainer for a team. Later on, raise a family and so forth.

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Eastbay Performance Explained: Why You Should Buy Eastbay’s New Athletic Apparel

Eastbay Performance Explained: Why You Should Buy Eastbay’s New Athletic Apparel

Eastbay Performance is here! The new apparel line is designed for the 24/7 athlete – those who want to look and feel their best in the gym, on the training field, and everywhere in between. Athletes like Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts, who trusts Eastbay Performance to get him through tough quarterback workouts, travel days, or two-a-days.

The Eastbay Performance line includes a few different collections, including Compression, GymTech, WindTech, and TempTech. Each collection is built to meet the specific needs of an athlete, both in and outside the game.

Eastbay Performance Athletic Apparel Compression Collection

Eastbay Compression

Compression is a must-have for every athlete in every sport. Eastbay’s new collection includes shorts, tights, tanks, and tops in a variety of staple colors so you always have the support you need to put in the work. They’re perfect for layering under GymTech apparel when you’re in the weight room or running drills or under your uniform on gamedays, and their moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away from your body so you stay comfortable and focused.

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Eastbay Performance Athletic Apparel GymTech Collection

Eastbay GymTech

Eastbay’s GymTech collection is apparel designed to be light and comfortable for any type of workout and every sport. These shorts, tops, and jackets are made from stretchy, breathable fabric cut in a regular fit for comfort and a full range of motion. So whether you’re lifting, lunging, or lounging around before practice starts, you’ll be cool and comfortable. Jalen Hurts swears by the GymTech Short-Sleeve Tee for all his workouts.

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Eastbay Performance Athletic Apparel WindTech Collection

Eastbay WindTech

Designed for warmups, cooldowns, or going to and from practice, Eastbay’s WindTech collection features pants, shorts, and jackets in classic colors so you can easily pair them with any of the Eastbay Performance pieces. Ultra-lightweight with built-in ventilation panels and reflective details, the WindTech pieces are great for when the weather starts getting a little cooler and you want to keep your muscles warmed up and ready to go.

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Eastbay Performance Athletic Apparel TempTech Collection

Eastbay TempTech

Being an athlete never stops. It’s more than a game – it’s a lifestyle – so even when you’re not training or playing, you need apparel that’s comfortable and flattering while still bringing that competitive edge. Eastbay’s TempTech collection has sweats, hoodies, and full-zips that deliver all three. These pieces are warm with a regular fit that keeps you comfortable and relaxed in class, on the bus, or hanging with the team. Jalen Hurts’ favorite way to rock TempTech is as a full sweatsuit. His go-tos are the Pullover Hoodie and matching Fleece Pant.

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Eastbay Performance Athletic Apparel Game. Train. Live.

We know you’re focused on crushing goals and breaking records this season, so make sure your athletic apparel is up to the challenge. Eastbay Performance is a must-have for every athlete.

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Game. Train. Live.

Game Recognize Game: Richland High School’s Griffin LaRue is our September Winner

Game Recognize Game: Richland High School’s Griffin LaRue is our September Winner

Each month Eastbay is highlighting a top high school athlete by spotlighting their accomplishments both in and outside the game. This month’s winner is All State wide receiver Griffin LaRue from Richland High School in Johnstown, PA.

For Griffin, football is more than a game – it’s everything to him. And he backs that up with hard work and dedication. Now in his last year at Richland High, Griffin is getting ready to take his game to the next level, and he can’t wait to see what happens next. Here’s what he told us about being the thrill of competing, being a role model, and what he hopes for the future:

What is your definition of a successful student-athlete?

My definition of a successful student-athlete is a student who can excel in the classroom day in and day out, and still achieve all their goals and dreams on field.

What has been the highlight of your athletic career so far, and what makes that moment stand out for you?

I would say the highlight of my athletic career so far is definitely my first offer.  That moment gave me indescribable happiness!

Who is your role model in athletics?

My role model would definitely have to be LaRod Stephens-Howling.  Growing up and playing football in the same town in the same city as I am currently and still making it to the league and winning a Super Bowl is beyond crazy and inspiring to me.

How important is it to you to be a role model for younger athletes?

It’s extremely important to me, especially with me having two younger siblings that look up to everything I do and take after me.  Growing up with two older brothers, I always looked up to them and followed in their footsteps, and I want to guide my younger siblings and young student-athletes in the correct direction.

What do you love most about competing?

What I love most about competing is the intensity.  When I line up across from someone, I think in my head “It’s my family vs. their’s” and I’ll choose mine any day of the year.

What are some of the goals you’d like to achieve after high school, and what are you most looking forward to?

My biggest out-of-this-world goal is to someday have a gold jacket on, but that’s me shooting for the stars. But I truly just want to be different and make a name for myself and to prove everyone that doubted me wrong.  One thing I’m extremely excited for and looking forward to is just going to college in general.  I feel like college will be a whole new world for me, and especially with football on top of it I feel I will learn so much.


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A Look Back: Fall Sports ’99

A Look Back: Fall Sports ’99

“We’ve got what’s hot for fall,” read the caption on the front cover of the August 1999 Eastbay catalog. Looking back, that was actually a massive understatement. It was always sad to realize that school was just around the corner, but it was also exciting because fall sports were here. For the pros, MLB playoff races were heating up, and the NFL season was kicking off. Plus, college football was starting as well. For us kids, we were perusing the pages for our Back to School pair of sneakers, apparel, and soccer or football cleats. There were way too many kicks to choose from, as the August ‘99 Eastbay catalog was packed with a ton of new styles for the fall. Plus, they had their website up and running with over 17,000 products online. Here’s a look back at some of the classic kicks from that season.

A Look Back Eastbay Catalog Fall '99 Trail Running

Trail Running

This particular Eastbay issue kicked right off with Trail Running, which was a little random for them. Typically we saw Basketball, Running or Football first. I was totally fine with the change, as all the big brands were cranking out some dope trail runners. adidas was leading the charge with the Response Trail and Incision. They both featured adiPRENE cushioning in the heel and forefoot. Nike was close behind with some great trail runners as well, including the all new Air Terra Goatek. The Goatek had a super-grippy outsole that worked like a goat’s hoof. If Goatek, aka G-Tek sounds familiar, it’s because rapper Drake’s new sneaker also uses this OG technology. And don’t forget about the New Balance 802 – back when I worked at Foot Locker in high school, I remember selling a ton of these.

A Look Back Eastbay Catalog Fall Sports '99 Running


Nike was churning out crazy technological cushioning advances, including visible Zoom Air in the Air Zoom Citizen, a heel Tuned Air unit in the Air Max Plus, and a full-length Tuned Air unit in the Air Tuned Max. The Tuned Max and Air Max Plus have retroed, but we’re still waiting patiently for the return of the Citizen. The Air Zoom Citizen was developed by Rick Lower, who had some challenges designing it with the new visible Zoom Air cushioning. Over time, it has become a cult favorite, however. adidas was dropping plenty of popular runners as well, including the Response, Ozweego, Supernova, Equipment Ride, and Universal. All had super-clean looks with great adiPRENE cushioning inside.

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Fall Sports '99 Basketball


This was back when Jordan Brand was becoming its own entity apart from Nike. Jordan Brand had their own section in Eastbay, leading off the basketball part of the catalog. There was plenty of apparel, and some shoes that might look familiar including the Air Jordan XIV Low, the 3 Percent (MJ’s body fat percentage at the time), the Trunner, and the Quick 6 (for Eddie Jones). Interestingly, that UNC-themed AJ XIV was a sample pair – the pair that released to the public had perforations on the upper instead of the smooth leather. The Nike Basketball pages were full of unique silhouettes, including the debut of the Air Flightposite (dropped 8/18/1999), the Vroomlicious, the Air Tuned Uptempo, and the Air Pippen III. Allen Iverson’s Reebok Questions were still going strong 3 years after they originally dropped, with low-cut versions taking off for the warmer months.

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Fall Sports '99 Tennis


Some great tennis models were available, including Andre Agassi’s Air Zoom Beyond (designed by Wilson Smith) and Air Court Motion (designed by Peter Hudson). The Air Zoom Sterling for women also featured visible Zoom Air like the Beyond. The GTS Lo, which stands for “Great Tennis Shoe” as the story goes, was a very popular casual model. I personally owned both the Air Zoom Beyond to play in for matches, and the Air Duration II to practice in.

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Fall Sports '99 Soccer


Nike was putting out some incredibly high-quality soccer boots, including the Mercurial R9, which was designed for Brazilian football superstar Ronaldo. There was also a women’s version called the Air Zoom M9, which was made for American women’s star Mia Hamm. Along with the Mercurial and M9, there was also the Air Rio Zoom, which featured a full-length Zoom Air sockliner. adidas was obviously no slouch in the football department, and dropped the Equipment Predator Accelerator for a whopping $164.99. adidas also made the Equipment Maneeta – the first Predator shoe designed for women.

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Fall Sports '99 Training

Sport Training

The Cross Training section was packed with trainers that don’t get enough love, including the Total Air Griffey Max, the Air Max 120, and the Air 90. This was also when the Air Sunder Max was making big waves. Nike trainers in general were getting very bright and colorful, and utilized all sorts of cushioning, from Zoom Air, to Tuned Air, to Air Max.

Look Back Eastbay Catalog Fall Sports '99 Football


Think Eastbay shoppers loved football? This issue had 9 pages dedicated just to the cleats alone. That’s not even counting additional pages featuring plenty more football equipment and jerseys. Stars like Keyshawn Johnson, Peyton Manning, Chris Slade, Howard Griffeth, Antonio Freeman, Doug Flutie, Barry Sanders, John Randle all made cameo appearances on those pages. Cleats like the Air Zoom Apocalypse, Pro Shark Stove, and Reebok Pro Shroud gave players of all ages and levels great options to choose from.

Want to see more of Drew’s classic Eastbay catalog collection? Make sure you check out all of his Look Back stories.

Drew Hammell A Look Back

Drew is the creator of @nikestories on Instagram. Growing up in the ’90s, Drew loved playing soccer, basketball, tennis, and even dabbled in cross country running. He ended up focusing on tennis in high school and helped lead his team to multiple state titles. His favorite athletes growing up include Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Andre Agassi, and Ken Griffey, Jr. He was smart enough to save all his old Eastbay catalogs from the ’90s and loves sharing them with the sneaker community. Follow him at @nikestories or read more of his work here.

Up To The Challenge: Jalen Hurts Is Ready For A New Era In Philly

Up To The Challenge: Jalen Hurts Is Ready For A New Era In Philly

Jalen Hurts has something to prove. After a rollercoaster rookie season in Philly, the quarterback is ready to step up to the plate as QB1 and lead his team to a successful season. As regular season kickoff approaches, he has one goal in mind: WIN.

We asked Jalen about Philly’s new leadership, what he’s most excited for this season, and what kind of mark he wants to leave on the game. Here’s what he had to say.

“Jalen Hurts is a rare breed.

I’m gonna prove that I am what I say I am. “

Q: You’ve got a new head coach and a new offensive system to adapt to this year. What has the transition to this new system been like, and what are you most excited about for this offense?

A: This year, I’m excited for an opportunity to do what I love – to go out there and play and compete. We truly have an opportunity to do something special, and taking advantage of that, working, holding each other accountable to do the things that we need to do so we can be successful, that’s what I’m most excited about.

We’re going into this new season with new everything – new coaches, new playbook, everything’s new – and we’re very excited about it. Excited about the energy Coach Sirianni is bringing in, the values and principles he’s instilling in the team. Piece by piece, we’re buying into it, coming together and being a true team, getting ready to go out there and have success.

Q: What are some personal goals you’ve set for yourself this upcoming season?

A: When it comes to individual goals and personal goals, I talk to God and we have our good conversations. But I keep it very simple: Win, Win, Win. That’s why we work. That’s where my joy comes from. It comes from winning.

There’s always the thrill of not being satisfied. Knowing that there’s always room for improvement, always more to work on. Enough is never enough.


Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts Eastbay Football By Color

“My football career will be defined by me. Did I use this game of football to open up doors elsewhere, create new roads and avenues to serve, uplift, change? Did I do that? That’s how I define it.”

 Q: Where do you think we will see the biggest leap in your game?

A: Ever since I came into college, my freshmen year, sophomore year, junior year, senior year, every year I just gradually got better. And it just clicked for me. You take natural steps as a player – with the work you put in and what you invest – you get that out in the end, when you put that work in and you do things the right way. I’m just ready for it. I’m excited for it.

Q: Most often with teams, the quarterback is the leader in the locker room. This will be your first season in Philly where there is a strong chance you’ll be the starting QB. How do you go about getting guys, some who have never been around you or played with you before, to buy into the team and buy into you as the leader of the team?

A: You have to compete at everything you do. We’re in this every single day and you get out what you put in. I pride myself on putting something in every day – mentally, emotionally, physically, whatever it is – it all matters. In a nutshell, that’s what my leadership is. Accountability is value #1 for me. Not being a hypocrite is value #2, because as a leader, people are going to look at you and say, “What are you doing? How is he handling this?” All eyes are on you, so how you respond to a situation is very crucial. I never get on a guy, I never hassle a guy for not doing something that I ain’t doing. As a leader, I try to be a man of character, I try to be a man that’s going to do my job. I hold myself to the highest standard possible. So anything anyone else says doesn’t mean much to me, because I have the highest standard.

Q: You’ve got one of your old Alabama teammates in DeVonta Smith lined up out wide again. How was it getting on the same page and getting back that chemistry that you two had in college?  

A: It’s really crazy, because you talk about having a family feel on a football team. I’ve been fortunate enough to build those relationships with people I haven’t been with as far back as college, from the offensive line to the defensive line to the secondary to other guys in the receiving core, and that’s exciting. But having DeVonta is crazy because we talked about it. We spoke it into existence. We said, we’ll play again. We’ll get a real shot at this. And here we have a great opportunity to do something special.

Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Eastbay Football By Color

“Football is more than a game. I think about all the opportunities I’ve had due to this game. Picking up a ball when I was four years old, just having it in my hand, all the experiences coming up as a kid, the opportunities I’ve had to serve, to uplift, impact those around me, young and old. It’s more than a game. And in my eyes, that’s what it’s all about. If I left tomorrow, I could look back and say I’ve impacted people’s lives.”


Q: Philly crowds are notoriously tough to please. Would you say Alabama or Philly has a more raucous fanbase?

A: Alabama has a high pedigree of winning championships, and that standard has been instilled in me. Go to Oklahoma, and it’s the same thing. A tough fan base that expects greatness, that expects a standard of play at the highest level. They expect to be in the playoffs and compete for national titles. It’s the same thing here in Philadelphia, the grittiness and the “get muddy, get dirty” mentality to go get it done. I admire that.

Q: Including college and your time in the league, you’ve had quite an interesting career. Looking back, if you had the chance to give some advice to 14-year-old Jalen Hurts, what would it be?

A: Where I’m sitting now, I have this opportunity where I can be a light to so many children around the world. I think about what message I want to deliver to them. I truly believe if you believe in yourself, anything is attainable. Put your mind to it, and you can go get it. And that’s the message I send out to all kids, everywhere. Listen to the people around you, respect the people around you, your elders. Do what’s right because it’s right and go get it. You’ve gotta believe in yourself before you do anything.

Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles QB Eastbay Football By Color

Want to know more about Jalen and how he made his dreams of going pro a reality? We’ve got you covered. Here are the Five Tools You Need To Make It In The League, straight from him and some other players you might recognize.

And make sure you stock up on all the gear you need for a successful season. Shop FTBL X CLR at and suit up in your team’s colors.