6 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

6 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

Cuffing jeans is a common fashion trick. Why? Because it’s a way to change up your style and draw attention to your shoe game. I mean, why buy the coolest shoes online if you’re not going to show them off, right?

Anyway, this blog post will show you how to take your style game to a whole new level with six ways to cuff your jeans. But first things first, in order to master the art of cuffing jeans, you need to find the perfect pair. In the tutorial images below we feature Levi’s 511 jeans, and we’ve found that the following cuffing styles work best with a slimmer leg opening (think something between a skinny and a boot cut).

Okay, let’s get started!

The Single Roll

Single roll cuffed jeans paired with adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers

sneaker colors: running white/new navy
Pictured Above: adidas Originals Stan Smith
  1. Fold up your jeans about an inch.
  2. Tuck the hem behind the roll if you’d like, or leave it out.

Kicks to Complement: Consider Air Force 1s or Stan Smiths, nothing too narrow. Check out our top picks.

The Long Roll*

Pictured above: Timberland 6″ Field Boots
  1. Fold up your jeans about an inch and a half.
    *Works best for longer legs, makes your legs look shorter.

Kicks to Complement: Try some heavy boots like the one’s pictured above. Here’s our top picks for the season.

The Skinny Roll*

Skinny roll cuffed jeans paired with Converse All Star Ox sneakers

sneaker colors: bright red/white | canvas
Pictured Above: Converse All Star Ox
  1. Start at the hem and do three small rolls to about a half an inch.
    *Works best with thinner denims.

Kicks to Complement: This style looks best with narrow, flat shoes like Vans or Converse. Here’s our top recommendations.

The Double-Cuff*

Pictured Above: Puma RS-X
  1. Roll up the bottom twice to about an inch.
    *Makes your legs appear shorter.

Kicks to Complement: This style pairs well with chunky sneakers like Nike Huarache’s or NB 997H. Check out our recommended picks for the season.

The Bicycle Cuff

Bicycle cuffed Jeans paired with Vans Classic Slip On sneakers

sneaker color: black
Pictured Above: Vans Classic Slip On
  1. Do the double cuff.
  2. Slide the jeans up your calves to just under the knee.

Kicks to Complement: Pair this style with a light shoe, either slides or sneak. Here’s our favorites.

The Pinroll

Pinroll cuffed jeans paired with Nike Air Max 90 sneakers

sneaker color: white
Pictured above: Nike Air Max 90
  1. Pull the fabric from the inside hem straight out from your leg.
  2. Wrap the excess fabric you’ve pulled around to the back of your leg.
  3. Start rolling where you have the jean wrapped and work your way around the leg.
  4. Roll 1-2 times until the roll is tight (but not too tight).
  5. Cuff should sit around one inch.

Kicks to Complement: The most versatile of cuffs, show off any of your favorite sneakers with this look.

A Look Back: The Ten Greatest Back to School Sneakers of 1996

A Look Back: The Ten Greatest Back to School Sneakers of 1996

During the month of August, I always get nostalgic about how I used to count down the last days of summer as a kid – it was exciting to go back to school and see my friends again, but it was a bummer to have to sit in class instead of playing sports outside all day. This year will look a lot different for most students, with virtual learning and face coverings the big issues in 2020. Back in the ‘90s, we wouldn’t even know what a “Zoom class” meant – we were just starting to “surf the web.” The ‘90s felt a lot simpler in a lot of ways. I was flipping through an old Back to School Eastbay from 1996 the other day and couldn’t believe how many classic sneakers were available to us back then. Of course, for kids like me, we could only have one pair. And they better last us at least 6 months. Here’s a look back at the kicks I used to stare at as a 14-year-old kid: the 10 Greatest Back to School Sneakers of 1996:

10. Air Jordan XI Low

Michael Jordan wore the black/red version in a few games back in the ‘96 Playoffs. He never wore the white/cobalt grey version in a pro game though. Fun fact: for some odd reason, the original boxes of the white/cobalt grey say “IE” on them, but the black/red version doesn’t have that on the label. Nobody truly knows what “IE” stands for, though most assume it stands for “International Exclusive.”

9. Air Griffey Max

Back in ‘96, baseball trainers were becoming as popular as basketball shoes mostly because of Ken Griffey, Jr. “The Kid” was crushing it with the Mariners and had plenty of great ads and commercials thanks to his partnership with Nike. His first official sneaker was also a hit and led to many more classics the next few years. Nike even launched some ads in the fall of ‘96 featuring Junior running for president. 

8. Air More Uptempo

The Team USA colorway that Scottie Pippen wore in the summer of ‘96 was a huge hit as Dream Team III easily won gold in Atlanta. I had the Air Much Uptempo, which was basically the same sneaker but with AIR only in the heel as opposed to the whole sneaker. The More Uptempo has retroed countless times, but we’ve yet to see a Much retro. 

7. ASICS GEL-Kayano

If you’re a serious runner, chances are you’ve messed with a Kayano. ASICS has been a trusted running company for decades, thanks to their patented GEL cushioning technology, and the Kayano was the top-of-the-line model with GEL in the heel and forefoot. 

6. Saucony 3D G.R.I.D Hurricane

I ran in these back in high school. They were my first serious running sneaker and I absolutely loved them. I loved how they looked, how they fit, and the 3D G.R.I.D. technology inside. They were also the first sneaker I wore that had “motion control,” which basically meant they propelled your foot forward as you ran.

5. adidas Response Trail

I remember a lot of kids rocked these in school. I loved the design and I’m surprised adidas hasn’t brought them back yet. They were comfortable, had great traction, and were even water resistant. I would definitely rock a pair today. Over the next few years, adidas would continue to tinker with the Response Trail for successive models and they were all designed very well.

4. Converse All Star 2000

In 1996, Converse brought back the classic All Star model with a modern take. It featured visible REACT cushioning in the heel and tumbled full-grain leather. I remember some pro players wore these, including Chris Webber after he left Nike. A lot of people wish Converse would bring these back.

3. Fila Grant Hill II

Detroit star Grant Hill was super popular his first few seasons in the league, and was even compared to Michael Jordan. He had some nice signature sneakers with Fila, and the Grant Hill II was one of their best sellers. This is a model that has returned recently and is still popular today.

2. Reebok Icepick

Seattle’s high-flying forward Shawn Kemp rocked the all-white Icepick in the league Finals versus the Bulls. Kemp was the kind of player that basically made any sneaker look good, and I will always remember The Reingman giving the Bulls all they could handle in that series rocking these.

1. adidas EDT Top Ten 2000

adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 – This is a sneaker that a young Kobe Bryant wore. Featuring “Feet You Wear” technology, adidas was definitely ahead of the game when it came to designing sneakers with that “low-to-the-ground” feel. Bryant would continue to rock “Feet You Wear” adidas models for his first few seasons.

Dream Big: J. Cole and Puma Launch Signature Sneaker Together

Dream Big: J. Cole and Puma Launch Signature Sneaker Together

J. Cole has sold out shows across America, he’s gone platinum with no features, and is the face of conscious rap. Not bad for a kid from Fayetteville, North Carolina. J. Cole has always been a big dreamer, and now he’s teamed up with Puma to bring a different kind of basketball shoe to the court. One for all the dreamers out there, the RS-Dreamer.

Puma Blog Featured Image

Cole and the Puma design team took all the bold elements of the RS series and built a fully playable pair of kicks. It all starts with the fit. The team installed a disruptive lacing system that gives the wearers a snug fit and responsive feel all throughout the forefoot and midsole.

The cushioning system is a combination of a ProFoam midsole and RS-Foam in the heel. This provides the maximum energy return all game long, whether you’re a slashing wing, bruising big man, or silky-smooth guard.

Perfecting the outsole pattern was the final key to the silhouette. Every great basketball shoe features outstanding grip, and this one is no different. Made with full coverage, high abrasion rubber, the RS-Dreamer gives players extra grip that is ideal for quick cuts and spot-up play.

Make sure to head to Eastbay now to grab a pair of the Puma RS-Dreamers while they’re still available.

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Summer is here! It’s time to chill by the pool, hang with friends, and camp under the stars. But first, load up on summer essentials from Eastbay.


Nothing says summertime like bright T-shirts and tank tops. Graphic, patterned, mesh – you name it, we’ve got it. When you wake up and don’t want to spend time figuring out what to wear, it’s best to have a pile of go-to tees and tanks to throw-on and get out the door.


Whether humid or dry, the summer heat is unavoidable, and when the A/C just isn’t enough, you’ll be wishing you had more pairs of shorts so you’re not stuck sweating in your jeans. A light and breathable material is key for ultimate summer comfort.


Now, some may argue that footwear has no place in a summer essentials blog since being barefoot is the ultimate summertime mood. However, some places require you to wear shoes, and when that’s the case, your best choice is a pair of slides or sandals. They’re a comfortable addition to your already-casual outfit and easy to throw on right before you head out the door.

The Last Dance: A Look At Each Shoe Jordan Won a Title In

The Last Dance: A Look At Each Shoe Jordan Won a Title In

Over the past several weeks, millions of Americans have tuned in to ESPN to relive the ’90s and get a behind-the-scenes look with His Airness, Michael Jordan. It’s been wild to get behind-the-scenes glimpses of one of the greatest dynasties to ever take the court. In honor of the finale, we thought we’d dive into the seven (yes, seven) shoes that Michael Jordan wore during each of his Finals wins.

Air Jordan VI

For years, the ‘Bad Boys’ of Detroit had knocked Chicago and Michael Jordan out of the playoffs thanks to their physical style of basketball highlighted by the ‘Jordan Rules.’ This involved aggressively fouling Michael before he could get off the ground to dissuade him from attacking the basket. In 1991, Jordan and Chicago finally broke through, sweeping Detroit to match up with Magic Johnson and LA in the Finals. Despite dropping the first game, MJ and Chicago reeled off four straight wins to capture their first title.

As confetti fell from the rafters, Michael headed off to the locker room to celebrate in his Air Jordan VI. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, and modeled after Jordan’s German sportscar, the VI also made a special appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s feet during several episodes of ‘Seinfeld.’ There were just a few notable updates from the V, the most noticeable of which was the addition of a loop on the heel after MJ complained that he was struggling to get his shoes on.

Air Jordan VII

As Detroit fell from power in the East, Patrick Ewing and New York rose to take their place as Jordan’s rivals. A hard-fought seven-game series between Chicago and New York paved the way for Michael to meet Clyde “The Glide” Drexler and Portland in the Finals. While Drexler was a superstar, MJ took offense at comparisons people were making between the two and vowed that he was going to show everyone how much better he was. During the first game he came out and knocked a then-record five triples en route to 39 points and victory. Chicago would go on to win in six games.

During that series, Michael was putting up buckets in the Air Jordan VII, another Tinker classic. Evoking elements of West African tribal art, the shoes bright, bold, colorful lines across the midsole. Bugs Bunny also made his debut in the marketing campaign for the VII, paving the way for ‘Space Jam.’

Air Jordan VIII

MJ and Chicago went into the 92-93 season on a quest to do something rarely seen in sports, the three-peat. In the playoffs, another hard-fought battle between Chicago and New York ended with Jordan vanquishing Ewing for a second straight year. In the Finals, MJ and Chicago faced off against league MVP Charles Barkley and Phoenix. Despite falling in a hole early, Phoenix had hope as they were leading Chicago 98-96 in a pivotal Game 6. Despite coach Phil Jackson drawing up a play for Jordan to take the final shot, guard John Paxson found the ball in his hands in the closing seconds and proceeded to knock down a game-winning three.

As Jordan walked off the floor into his first retirement, he was wearing the Air Jordan VIIIs. The VIII was an experimental shoe that featured lockdown straps and a chromatic midsole, firsts for the line. In real ’90s fashion, the Jumpman logo on the tongue is carpeted. All in all, the VIII became distinct for being the heaviest shoe in the line.

Air Jordan XI

After Jordan’s brief stint in baseball, he returned to a team where Scottie Pippen had fully emerged from his role as a second banana, and Toni Kukoć was a burgeoning star. Coming off a loss to Orlando the previous year, Jordan helped lead Chicago through the playoffs where they once again defeated New York and got revenge on Orlando to reach their fourth Finals. There, they faced off against Seattle’s dynamic duo of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp. At a dinner before the Finals Jordan bumped into Seattle coach George Karl, a fellow UNC alum. MJ felt that Karl was ignoring him and used it as motivation to eviscerate Seattle and win his 4th championship.

MJ dominated the series in one of the most famous Air Jordans ever, the XI. With sleek patent leather gracing the upper and designed to be worn on the court or with a suit the shoe is widely considered one of the most famous silhouettes. The shoe quickly became immortalized when Jordan wore it in the 1996 film ‘Space Jam,’ a cult classic. The shoe is beloved by sneakerheads everywhere and is still widely popular even today.

Air Jordan XII

Chicago was on top of the world. The best player in the game had returned and they were poised to be a title contender for the foreseeable future. With what is widely considered one of the greatest teams in history, Chicago ran through the regular season racking up 69 wins. They breezed through the playoffs to eventually battle Utah, who had John Stockton and Karl Malone. The series famously featured the “Flu Game” where a sick and tired Michael Jordan led Chicago to a win in Game 5 and then a title in Game 6.

During that series, Jordan was lacing up the Air Jordan XII. Topping the XI was a tough task for Tinker, however, on Jordan’s advice to look to women’s fashion for inspiration, he was able to turn out another iconic sneaker. Modeled after a 19th-century women’s shoe called the “Nisshoki” and featuring elements from Japan’s “Rising Sun,” the result is a clean, smooth shoe that’s brilliance lies in its simplicity.

Air Jordan XIII & Air Jordan XIV

One three-peat is rare. A second three-peat? Nearly impossible. Yet that was the expectation as Chicago entered the 1997-98 season. The year was filled with drama as speculation mounted about whether MJ would retire after it was announced that Phil Jackson would not be returning as coach. Scottie Pippen also made waves when he demanded a trade halfway through the season. Through all the turmoil, though Chicago pushed through the East in the playoffs, culminating in a brutal, seven-game series with Indiana that required an 88-83 Game 7 victory to get to the Finals. Once there, in a dramatic Game 6 against Utah, Jordan hit a game-winning shot to earn his sixth ring. It would be the last shot he ever made in a Chicago uniform.

While he made the infamous “Last Shot” in a pair of AJ XIVs, he actually began the series by wearing the AJ XIII. The XIII was inspired by Jordan’s predatory nature and his nickname “The Black Panther,” with the outsole of the shoe resembling the paw of a jungle cat. With the XIV, Tinker went back to a familiar tactic of drawing inspiration from exotic cars. This time he took elements from Jordan’s Ferrari and incorporated them into the shoe to give it a sleek, edgy look. The XIV is also regarded as one of the most comfortable Air Jordans ever released.

adidas and Parley for the Oceans push to end plastic waste

adidas and Parley for the Oceans push to end plastic waste

Like oil and water, it was once believed that sport facilities and environmentally friendly regulations just don’t mix. With all the water, fertilizer, and energy spent on upkeep, it seemed near impossible to limit unrecycled waste. But one brand made a commitment to fight that stereotype and is already making promising strides in the fight against unrecycled waste in sports.

Early this year, adidas announced it was opening the brand’s first sustainable football field, made with Parley Ocean Plastic, at Miami Edison Senior High School in Miami, FL.

Parley Ocean Plastic is created from upcycled plastic waste, which is intercepted and collected from remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines to prevent it from polluting our oceans. adidas wants that plastic to be reused and they announced that approximately 1.8 million recycled plastic bottles were utilized to help create the field that will serve not only Edison High, but the wider Liberty City community.

“We believe that, through sport, we have the power to change lives, and this field is a demonstration of our taking action on that belief,” said Cameron Collins, Director of Football, adidas North America. “(It’s) more than a place for these young athletes to play, it’s a reminder of our collective responsibility to end plastic waste.”

The multipurpose field will be officially unveiled with a celebratory 7-on-7 football tournament for high school athletes, who will also get the opportunity to debut the environmentally friendly adidas Adizero x Parley cleats, made with Parley Ocean Plastic.

Along with introducing new, eco-friendly products, adidas has pledged to continue to be a driving force in the fight against ending plastic waste. Here is what the brand plans to roll out over the next decade plus:

  • 2020: more than 50 percent of all the polyester adidas uses in products will be recycled.
  • 2021: adidas will work with key US sports partners (MLS, NHL, USA Volleyball, and the Power 5 NCAA football programs) to transition to more sustainable uniforms.
  • 2024: adidas will use only recycled polyester in all adidas products across the business – aided by the introduction of PRIMEBLUE and PRIMEGREEN performance fabrics where 100% of the polyester used is recycled.
  • 2030: adidas will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 30 percent (as compared to 2017) as part of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.
  • 2050: achieve climate neutrality. In Germany, the company already sources almost all its electricity from renewable sources.

“Since 1998, we’ve been developing and introducing innovations to end plastic waste,” said James Carnes, VP Brand Strategy. “Our commitment to eliminate the use of virgin polyester in our products by 2024 helps us get one step closer to being a more circular company.”

Curious about a more sustainable world through sport? Check out adidas.com/sustainability for more info!