Fit For A King: Nike LeBron Soldier 10

Fit For A King: Nike LeBron Soldier 10

LeBron Soldier X

When LeBron James won a championship for his home state and ended a 52-year championship drought in Cleveland, he did it with a pair of Nike LeBron Soldier 10s on his feet.

It was the ultimate accomplishment in a career full of memorable moments and impressive triumphs. James had won championships before, but this one was different. This was the moment everything else in his career had led up to.

Similarly, the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 is the latest and greatest sneaker in a long, impressive line of basketball shoes from the Soldier franchise. The Soldier 10 draws its inspiration from the past decade of Soldiers that came before it, incorporating the successes of the past with updated technology to take the franchise to the next level.

The Soldier 10 pays homage to its predecessors by featuring pieces from all of the previous Soldiers. It features the 23 logo from the Soldier 1, the tab detail from the Soldier 4, the backwards swoosh from the Soldier 7, and more details from every other Soldier model.

The detailed throwbacks from its precursors are part of what makes the Soldier 10 so great. Taking elements from the previous models and combining them with updated design and technology results in a new sneaker fit for a king.

The Soldier 10 utilizes a three-strap lockdown system that provides a secure and customized fit for the athlete and allows for a complex range of motions without sacrificing strength. The shoe’s three-layer upper package provides a lightweight fit and breathable comfort that allows for natural motion. The heel and forefoot Zoom Air delivers responsive cushioning and provides a comfortable ride so that you can be truly explosive on the court.

The shoe’s technology upgrades can maximize your on-court performance. When you combine that with the shoe’s storytelling elements, the Solder 10 is really something special.

James began as just a kid from Akron, Ohio, and for all his accomplishments and successes, he’s never lost sight of where he came from. The Soldier 10 embraces that same idea, paying respect to the past while continuing to push the pace so that the next season is always the best season yet. You can pick up your pair at soon.

Stepping Into History: The Nike Creator Lacrosse Pack

Stepping Into History: The Nike Creator Lacrosse Pack

Nike Lacrosse Cleats

The all-new Nike Huarache V Creator cleats are inspired by the origin story of lacrosse. The sport was created centuries ago by Native Americans. Legend has it the first game was played between the ground and winged animals as a gift to the Creator. Each animal possessed unique skills that are the cornerstones of being successful in the sport. The bear brought its fierce strength, the deer its incredible agility, the wolf its predator’s instincts, and the eagle its blazing speed.

If a player possessed all four of these traits, no one could stop him.

Nike Lacrosse Huarache

These cleats feature graphics inspired by the original wooden lacrosse sticks that were used hundreds of years ago. The upper is a callback to the stick’s traditional stringing system, while the outsole features a wood-grain pattern. The red logo and touches throughout. They pay homage to the Onondaga Redhawks, the home team of (the Thompsons), a legendary lacrosse family.

But while honoring lacrosse’s past, these cleats also help the sport’s present dominate by featuring Nike’s latest and great technologies.

So grab a pair, lace up, and become the bear, deer, wolf, AND eagle on the field.

Nike Creator Lacrosse Pack Cleats

Nike Creator Lacrosse Pack Turf