Brittany Matthews’ Favorite Workout Gear

Brittany Matthews’ Favorite Workout Gear

Brittany Matthews is a former college and international pro soccer player. Playing sports her entire life taught her the importance of strength training, wellness, and maintaining peak strength to perform at an elite level. As a certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, Brittany has experience with all levels of fitness. She has created online training programs for people at all stages of their fitness journey. She also knows the value of having high-performing gear that’ll stand out at the gym. Here are some of her favorite products to break a sweat in.

Nike Metcon 6

One of the most advanced training shoes to date, the Metcon 6 stands up to the push and pull of high-intensity workouts, delivering stability and durability.

“The Metcons are a great shoe to train in from lifting weights to agility workouts. You can’t go wrong with them.” – Brittany Matthews

adidas Don’t Rest Alphaskin Bra

Feel secure with this sports bra’s locked-in compression fit and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool during workouts.

“This sports bra is super comfortable and supportive, and it’s always good to have black basics that go with everything!” – Brittany Matthews

Nike Pro Tights

Ideal for any workout, these tights deliver a wide waistband and tight fit for support and comfort. The mesh panels at the lower legs also enhance breathability during intense workouts.

“These leggings are another versatile staple item for any trainer. I also love the 7/8th length.” – Brittany Matthews

To shop Brittany’s full gift guide, click here or head over to

6 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

6 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

Cuffing jeans is a common fashion trick. Why? Because it’s a way to change up your style and draw attention to your shoe game. I mean, why buy the coolest shoes online if you’re not going to show them off, right?

Anyway, this blog post will show you how to take your style game to a whole new level with six ways to cuff your jeans. But first things first, in order to master the art of cuffing jeans, you need to find the perfect pair. In the tutorial images below we feature Levi’s 511 jeans, and we’ve found that the following cuffing styles work best with a slimmer leg opening (think something between a skinny and a boot cut).

Okay, let’s get started!

The Single Roll

Single roll cuffed jeans paired with adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers

sneaker colors: running white/new navy
Pictured Above: adidas Originals Stan Smith
  1. Fold up your jeans about an inch.
  2. Tuck the hem behind the roll if you’d like, or leave it out.

Kicks to Complement: Consider Air Force 1s or Stan Smiths, nothing too narrow. Check out our top picks.

The Long Roll*

Pictured above: Timberland 6″ Field Boots
  1. Fold up your jeans about an inch and a half.
    *Works best for longer legs, makes your legs look shorter.

Kicks to Complement: Try some heavy boots like the one’s pictured above. Here’s our top picks for the season.

The Skinny Roll*

Skinny roll cuffed jeans paired with Converse All Star Ox sneakers

sneaker colors: bright red/white | canvas
Pictured Above: Converse All Star Ox
  1. Start at the hem and do three small rolls to about a half an inch.
    *Works best with thinner denims.

Kicks to Complement: This style looks best with narrow, flat shoes like Vans or Converse. Here’s our top recommendations.

The Double-Cuff*

Pictured Above: Puma RS-X
  1. Roll up the bottom twice to about an inch.
    *Makes your legs appear shorter.

Kicks to Complement: This style pairs well with chunky sneakers like Nike Huarache’s or NB 997H. Check out our recommended picks for the season.

The Bicycle Cuff

Bicycle cuffed Jeans paired with Vans Classic Slip On sneakers

sneaker color: black
Pictured Above: Vans Classic Slip On
  1. Do the double cuff.
  2. Slide the jeans up your calves to just under the knee.

Kicks to Complement: Pair this style with a light shoe, either slides or sneak. Here’s our favorites.

The Pinroll

Pinroll cuffed jeans paired with Nike Air Max 90 sneakers

sneaker color: white
Pictured above: Nike Air Max 90
  1. Pull the fabric from the inside hem straight out from your leg.
  2. Wrap the excess fabric you’ve pulled around to the back of your leg.
  3. Start rolling where you have the jean wrapped and work your way around the leg.
  4. Roll 1-2 times until the roll is tight (but not too tight).
  5. Cuff should sit around one inch.

Kicks to Complement: The most versatile of cuffs, show off any of your favorite sneakers with this look.

Winter Wear: This Year’s Cold Weather Style Guide

Winter Wear: This Year’s Cold Weather Style Guide

By now, summer seems like a distant memory. Outside the temperatures are cooling off and reminding you that Christmas break is only a few weeks away! But as menacing as the cold weather gets, you can’t hibernate all winter long, and when you head outside to hang with friends and take a new winter profile pic you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared with winter wear. That’s why we’ve put together looks for men and women featuring this year’s best cold weather styles so that no matter how bad the wind, rain, or snow, you can keep cozy.

Top Gifts for Athletes: Shorts, Hoodies, Leggings, T-Shirts

Top Gifts for Athletes: Shorts, Hoodies, Leggings, T-Shirts

The holidays are approaching, and athletes everywhere are preparing for another grinding season. Whether you’re in the gym, on the field, or in the classroom, you’re going to want to look fresh and perform at your peak. That’s why Eastbay has hundreds of gifts for every type of athlete, so you’re ready to raise your game for the season.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another athlete in your life check out our Top Gifts for Athletes below to see what you need to win the holidays.


Nike Throwback Graphic Shorts (Men’s)

Gift Guide Blog Shorts

Bring back the ’90s with these shorts that feature the hallmark over-the-top graphics from the decade.

Nike GX Club Shorts (Men’s)

Made with soft fleece, these shorts blend comfort and style so you’re covered throughout the day. (Coming soon)

Nike Glam Shorts (Women’s)

These running shorts keep all the best benefits of classic running shorts while infusing basketball style elements like wide mesh panels and smooth metallic fabric.

Nike Elite Shorts (Women’s)

These shorts are for the ultimate competitor. Non-restrictive fabric creates a great fit to keep you focused on the game. (Coming soon)


Nike Club Pullover Hoodie (Men’s)

Gift Guide Blog Hoodie

Add to your hoodie collection, with this classic look.

Champion Coca-Cola Hoodie (Men’s)

Two of the most iconic brands come together to create a new line of fresh apparel.

adidas Originals Adicolor Big Trefoil Crop Hoodie (Women’s)

Put the adidas Originals logo front and center with this cropped hoodie.

The North Face Half Dome Hoodie (Women’s)

Gift Guide Blog Hoodie 4

From the brand that knows how to protect you from the cold comes this classic hoodie made with soft, easy-to-care fabric.


Nike Tech Fleece Jogger (Men’s)

Gift Guide Blog Joggers

These sporty, stylish joggers are perfect whether you’re heading out for the night or heading out for a run. The lightweight fabric insulates your legs from the cold while still allowing them to breathe for maximum comfort.

Jordan Retro 4 Pants (Men’s)

Sleek designs on the side give these pants a clean look for off the court.

adidas Originals adiColor 3-Stripes Leggings (Women’s)

Gift Guide Blog Leggings

The classic adidas track pants look has been transformed into form-fitting tights made with soft cotton that’s made to stretch.

Nike Leg-A-See Glam Dunk Leggings (Women’s)

Sleek, simple, and stylish. These leggings feature the classic Nike swoosh in sheen gold wrapping around the ankle and calf.


Nike Camo Fill Logo T-Shirt (Men’s)

Get lost in the wilderness with this camo t-shirt from Nike.

Nike Glam Dunk Crop T-Shirt (Women’s)

Part of the Glam Dunk collection this cropped t-shirt features a metallic print repping Nike.

Nike Glam Dunk Statement T-Shirt (Women’s)

Made with 100% cotton, this classic-cut shirt features retro graphics.

adidas Originals Adicolor Big Trefoil T-Shirt (Men’s)

Celebrate the Adicolor collection with this comfortable shirt featuring a giant adidas Originals logo.

Best Basketball Apparel For AAU Season

Best Basketball Apparel For AAU Season

Style is important. Not the “spent $3,000 on a St. Laurent jacket” kind of style, but more the “we’re going to step out looking clean and fresh” kind of style. As we enter AAU season where it’s a little easier to show off your fashion sense we’ve put together a couple of outfits that will help you stand out on the court while also making sure you sure you can reach your peak performance. We also wrote a piece about the best shoes for AAU season that you can read here.

Nike Tech Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie x Nike Tech Fleece Jogger x KD 12

What’s the best feeling in the world? The correct answer is when you are absolutely unconscious in a basketball game, but not far behind that is when you rock an outfit that not only looks good but also is comfortable. The Nike Tech Fleece collection does exactly that. Nike completely reimagined the hoodie to give you a more customizable fit by removing the drawstrings and adjusting the zipper. Streamlining the fit and using a three-panel hood with bound cuffs helps keep you as warm as possible. We went with this muted pink color to help give you some pop and offset the black KDs. I’m a firm believer that everyone looks a better when they have some color in their outfits. Color is an excellent way to help you stand out. The joggers use the same lightweight, breathable fleece material as the hoodie and have the cuffed ankle to seal out the cold. They also feature zippered pockets on the sides and back to keep anything from falling out.

Nike JDI ‘90s Basketball T-Shirt x Nike Floral DNA Shorts x Kyrie 5

Nostalgia seems to dominate our culture more now than in the past couple of decades. Music, television, or fashion nowadays are constantly paying homage to previous decades. Is it because millennials and Gen Z are lazy and don’t want to create anything new? (No, that’s a dumb stereotype and if you bring it up again, I’m going to subtweet you). This fit is a little more laid back than the previous one. The shirt has clear call-outs to the ‘90s with the colors it uses (lime green, pink, blue) and the shapes that accompany the graphic elements on the back. There are deconstructed triangles and circles that really give off a vibe that many of the same clothes of that decade had. One of the things I really enjoy about this shirt is that the front is clean and minimalistic while the back is where you make a statement with the bold lettering and other elements. The shirt also features moisture-wicking technology to help keep you cool and dry in the heat. The shorts are more toned-down color wise but feature a wonderful palm leaf spread. It helps bring them to life and mixed with the colors on the t-shirt really give off a summer vibe. The shorts also have striped hem tape, which is an shout-out to old basketball style, and are made with Dri-Fit® technology to keep you cool. Perhaps no shoe has a better colorway to finish off the outfit than this Kyrie 5 which uses the same color scheme as the shirt.

Nike NBA Marlon Sassy Doodle T-Shirt x Nike Icon Shorts x Kobe A.D.

Everyone loves being the person to “discover” something first. It could be a song that hasn’t blown up yet, a memeable photo, or better yet a style of shirt, pants, or shoes that hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. While everyone has heard of Nike, they produce so many different collections some can go unnoticed. The Marlon Sassy Doodle set is one of those collections that has gone under the radar. Sassy is a self-taught artist famous for his illustrations of rappers and other pop culture figures. He partnered with Nike to create this set of t-shirts with his illustrations of several basketball players. For this outfit we selected the one with Giannis Antetokounmpo (for the record I didn’t have to look up how to spell it) who now has an argument for best player in the league. This shirt has a unique style that is unlike anything Nike has done before, so you’re guaranteed to stand out. In order to keep the shirt as the focal point of the outfit we went with a clean, simple pair of shorts that are made to perform. The Nike Icon Shorts utilize knit jacquard construction to maximize mobility and breathability and are made with Dri-Fit® material to neutralize sweat. Giannis debuted his signature shoe in the playoffs, but it won’t be available till the summer, so we decided to use a Kobe A.D. that matches nicely with everything. There are some elements that use a similar green to the shirt, plus a nice peach orange and deep purple to brighten up the shoe.

Crossover Culture Name Tag Long-Sleeve Training Top x Crossover Culture Ambush Shorts x Crossover Culture Fortune LP Low

We are going to change it up a bit with this next outfit. Crossover Culture is a relatively new brand based out of L.A. and has turned out some really nice apparel and shoes. This outfit also ties back in to one of my favorite takes which is that playing basketball in long sleeves is better than short sleeves. It’s so much more casual and sends a message to the opposing team that you can still drop buckets without going 100%. The Name Tag Long-Sleeve Training Top is an excellent shirt to play or train in thanks to the four-way stretch that gives you a wide range of motion, so your workout or shot isn’t constricted. They’ve also reinforced the side seams with taping which increases durability. The shorts pair well and are extremely comfortable and feature zippered pockets and moisture-wicking technology. Where Crossover Culture really excels, though, is with their shoes which are a breath of fresh air and some of the most technologically advanced available. They have an LP Energy System that helps with impact protection, and a CMEVA carrier midsole provides comfort for every step you take on the court. They’ve also added Wishbone Suspension to give you dual-direction stability that doesn’t restrict flexibility.

adidas Dame Dametime T-Shirt x adidas Lillard Shorts x Dame 5

Damian Lillard does not get enough credit for how good of a player he has become. Now in his seventh season in the league, there is nothing Lillard can’t do on offense whether it’s bombing from long-range, attacking the rim, or creating for his teammates. He is also universally regarded as a great leader and one of the most confident guys in the league. Lillard may be finally starting to get more recognition as adidas has begun creating some Dametime apparel. The Dametime T-Shirt is a testament to Lillard’s clutch shooting late in games with graphics on the back that resemble a clock face. The shirt also uses Portland’s team colors as the basis for its color scheme. The shorts may seem simplistic, but they are built to help you dominate on the basketball court, not the fashion runway. Both the shirt and shorts have state-of-the-art, moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable on the court. adidas really stepped up its game with the Dame 5, equipping it with internal pods along the midfoot and under the tongue to give you cushioning in the areas you need it most. There is also a Bounce midsole to help absorb shock from landings and running.  

These outfits are sure to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable throughout the season. However, if nothing up there sparked an interest you can find tons of performance and casual apparel on to create your own perfect outfit.

Nike International Soccer: Rock the Right Kit This Summer

Nike International Soccer: Rock the Right Kit This Summer

It’s about that time again — the greatest tournament in soccer is just around the corner. The feeling is palpable, the intensity is unmatched; fans’ emotions hang on every pass, every shot, and every save. But before the madness starts and chaos ensues, you need the correct kit to display your pride.

This year, Nike designed all their kits with detailed input from professional players, followed by 3D scanning and motion capture in the Nike Sports Research Lab to properly define their women’s-specific fit. On many kits, they also added slogans on the inside of the neckline to give inspiration to the wearer.

Let’s take a closer look at each country’s newest Nike jersey and what makes the designs special to the athletes who sport them.

United States Home Kit

Inner Pride – “Climb Again”

The USA home kits have a deep, personal meaning to many of the players on this year’s national team. The Nike Swoosh and red-and-navy stripes on the arm cuff pay homage to the 1999 team, whose iconic tournament win inspired many current athletes to get into soccer in the first place. The jerseys feature three stars above the crest to signify the United States’ three tournament trophies while the 50 states print on the back represents the nation’s collective support for the team.

United States Away Kit

Inner Pride – “Hold Fast. Stay True.”

While the home kits pay tribute to the past, the away design is a nod to the future. The inspiration behind these kits is that being American is about standing out and boldly displaying your pride. The stars-and-stripes pattern spread across the all-red jersey is symbolic of the American flag. Although these kits focus on what’s next, Nike still wanted to pay tribute to the USA’s past accomplishments, so they placed three white stars representing the three championships on the royal stripe at the back of the neck.

Brazil Home Kit

Inner Pride – “Mulheres Guerreiras Do Brasil” meaning “Women Warriors of Brazil”

Pelé, Ronaldinho, Marta. When you think of these famous Brazilian footballers, you think of the iconic yellow they sported while creating some of the most memorable moments in international soccer history. Nike didn’t stray far from Brazil’s traditional look with these kits, embracing the colors the Brazilian national team has worn since 1954.

Brazil Away Kit

Inner Pride – “Mulheres Guerreiras Do Brasil” meaning “Women Warriors of Brazil”

Brazil’s royal away kits start with a bold geometric pattern at the neck that slowly fades towards the bottom of the jersey. The pattern is inspired by bright stars and the royal color represents the sky on a cool, clear night in Rio. Brazil also pays tribute to their men’s team tournament wins with five stars above the crest.

England Home Kit

Inner Pride – “The Lionesses”

Clean and Classic. That’s the best way to describe England’s home kits. The traditional white is sacred to England and Nike wanted these jerseys to display the country’s loyalty and heritage. If you look closely, you’ll find a very subtle, tonal floral print that represents the roses specific to the neighborhoods around London. These jerseys also display red-and-maroon striping on the sleeve cuffs to punctuate the crispness of the white base.

England Away Kit

Inner Pride – “The Lionesses”

Where England’s home kits embrace a minimalistic design, the away jerseys boast an aggressive maroon floral print, hand drawn to include poppy, primrose, and rose – the native flora of the country. Nike separated the pattern into four quadrants, a nod to St. George’s Cross. These kits use an off-white color for the logo that keeps the overall theme bold, but still evokes the history of a proud nation.

France Home Kit

Inner Pride – “Nos Différences Nous Unissent” meaning “Our Differences Unite Us”

For this year’s host country, Nike decided to honor tradition by staying true to France’s “Les Bleus” national team nickname. The solid navy base is accented with rose gold lettering, providing the proper pop for the iconic French Football Federation crest. The jerseys also include a subtle hint of red, white, and blue taping at the sleeve to represent the French flag. According to Nike, these kits personify the sophistication of the French and are a nod to the high-end, exclusive clothing produced by the country.

France Away Kit

Inner Pride – “Nos Différences Nous Unissent” meaning “Our Differences Unite Us”

To contrast the solid blue home jerseys, Nike’s white away kits feature a pattern of small hexagons, spread across the shirt like polka dots, that pay tribute the France’s unique border shape. The inner pride phrase, “Nos Différences Nous Unissent,” is printed with a small “o” to represent Chanel and France’s rich history of fashion.

Australia Home Kit

Inner Pride – “Never Say Die”

Described by some as the most exuberant kit in the bunch, Australia’s home jerseys use white, yellow, and green brush strokes to represent their creative, youthful team. Incorporating design elements from Melbourne’s famous Hosier Lane, Nike created a ’90s-style look that combines the colors of the Australian countryside with the graffiti art culture seen in the country’s urban areas.

Netherlands Home Kit

Inner Pride – Crown symbol to represent the country’s monarchy.

For the newly designed Dutch kits, Nike created a digital tulip, a geometric design that represents the country’s iconic flower. These kits also mark the first time the Netherlands will forgo the traditional lion crest for a lioness, representing the pride and ferocity of the women’s team.

Norway Home Kit

Inner Pride – Snowflake and Flower symbols

This year, Norway’s home kits combine the team’s trademark red and blue into a “winter sweater” print inspired by the country’s decorated ski jumpers. The design combines snowflakes and flowers to honor the beauty and variety of Norway’s weather.

China Away Kit

Inner Pride – Phoenix logo

To remind the Chinese team of the powerhouse spirt of the 1990s, these light grey kits feature an intricate phoenix pattern. The design was created to represent femininity and virtue, paying tribute to the “Steel Roses” nickname given to the team.