Cut, Jump, and Run. The Nike Greater Than Series Has Arrived

Cut, Jump, and Run. The Nike Greater Than Series Has Arrived

Dropping May 25, 2021


Creating space is the ultimate goal in basketball. It could be space to get your shot off, space to make a better pass to a teammate, or space to grab an offensive rebound. There are plenty of different ways to create space on the court, whether it’s outrunning a defender, perfectly timing a cut, or simply jumping over them. To help you create space more easily, Nike is launching the Zoom Air Greater Than series. This collection has three silhouettes that are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your cuts, speed, or hops.

The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut is built for players who thrive off perfectly timed cuts. Whether it’s a backdoor cut for an easy layup or you’re slicing inside to open up room for a teammate, the geometry of the GT Cut caters to a low-to-the-ground sensation. There is a parabolic Zoom Air Strobel and heel Air Zoom Unit that help you go from standing still to exploding to the basket in a split second. It also provides the comfort and responsiveness that every player loves.

Along the front side of the shoe, just above the outsole, is a stabilizing rail guard that gives your foot more support, so you’re not getting tripped up as you explode off either foot. Nike designers also incorporated a molded tongue to improve the fit and comfort of the shoe.

The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut hits on May 25. Stay tuned throughout the year for the launch of the GT Run and GT Jump silhouettes. We will be updating this piece as more information comes in.

Why I Run with Pro HOKA Runner Dani Shanahan

Why I Run with Pro HOKA Runner Dani Shanahan

There was never much of a question of whether Dani Shanahan would get into running. Both of her parents were runners in high school, so when Dani began her freshman year it was assumed she would become a cross-country runner too. “It was just always something I knew I was going to do, without putting a ton of thought into it.” She’s come a long way from that first practice freshman year. Now after a successful college career at Loyola Marymount University Dani is a professional runner with HOKA who is looking to head to Tokyo this summer.

Once Dani began running cross-country back in high school she quickly fell in love with the sport. “It was a really great way to connect with the people around me and develop some great relationships with my teammates at the time.” It didn’t hurt that Dani was also really good, something she found slightly addicting. Today, Dani is still running, but now it’s because she wants to see how far she can take this – how good can she be? As a professional runner on the HOKA team, she has what’s possibly the most important summer of her running career ahead of her.

It’s already been a big couple of months for Dani. Recently she ran a personal best in the 10,000 meters despite suffering a fall early in the race. Dani entered the race in a great place mentally. She was confident that if she executed the way she knew how to that she would come out of it with a personal best time. That she was able to overcome the fall (which certainly wasn’t in her plans) and still finish with a PR only boosted her confidence that much more. “I now have the confidence to trust myself and my ability to run the race the way I want to run it.” It shouldn’t be a surprise that that race is Dani’s favorite memory of competitive running so far.

One of the things that sets Dani apart not just from other runners, but other athletes, is her understanding of the role mental health plays in her performance. Dani was a psychology major in college which she credits for helping her be more comfortable discussing certain aspects of mental health. She knows that if she is going to be the best version of herself when she steps on the line, she needs to take just as much care of her mental health as her physical health. Currently, Dani and the other runners on her team work with a sports psychologist at minimum once a week to make sure they are in a good place mentally.

As Dani heads into the summer brimming with confidence, there’s one event that is at the forefront of her mind, the trials for Japan. A year ago, there was no guarantee Dani would make the team bound for Tokyo. “If you had asked me a year ago about making the team my answer probably would have been ‘Oh maybe, but probably not.’” Now her mindset has flipped. She has already run a qualifying time and there is a real shot she can make the team. Her training now focuses on running a Championship style race. “If it’s fast from the gun, we want to be ready. If it’s a sit and kick type of race, we want to be ready. We just want to have as many tools in the arsenal as we can.”

Part of the reason Dani has been able to achieve so much over the past few years has been her decision to sign with HOKA. She knew that she wanted to be on a team, in a team environment, that helped her get better every day and to her HOKA backed that up. The inclusivity of HOKA was also a major plus for Dani who is Mexican-American. “Seeing people who look like me being included in the marketing, that is empowering.”

You can find all the HOKA shoes Dani trusts when you visit Eastbay today. We have a wide selection of sizes and colorways so you can find the perfect pair for your next run. You can check out the HOKA Northern Arizona Elite team based out of Flagstaff, Arizona which Dani is a part of by checking out their website: and make sure to follow Dani on Instagram @danishani

Improve Your Handle with Drills from Adrianna Hahn

Improve Your Handle with Drills from Adrianna Hahn

Adrianna Hahn is a former college basketball star who played at Villanova for four seasons. Following her graduation, she has become an advocate for women’s basketball as well as a trainer for young boys and girls. Adrianna shared several great workouts that you can do at home this summer to really develop your handle. Check it out below.

Drill #1 

What You Need: Two Basketballs

Start by doing two pound dribbles with a ball for each hand then perform a crossover.

Switch to one pound dribble and then hit the crossover.

Finish with continuous crossovers.

Change to two pound dribbles with a ball for each hand and then go behind your back.

Switch to one pound dribble and then go behind your back.

End with continuous behind-the-back dribbles.

*Video includes other variations for this drill*

Drill #2

What You Need: A Basketball and a Tennis Ball

Start by dribbling the basketball with one hand while tossing the tennis ball up and catching it with the

other hand.

Switch to two pound dribbles and then perform a crossover all while continually tossing and catching the tennis ball.

Change to one pound dribble then hitting a crossover while tossing and catching the tennis ball.

Finish with continuous crossovers while tossing the tennis ball back and forth between your hands.

Switch to two pound dribbles and then go between your legs. You should still be tossing the tennis ball up.

Shift to one pound dribble and then go between your legs.

End with continuous between-the-legs dribbles.

*Video includes other variations for this drill*

What You Need: A Basketball and a Cone

Place the cone a couple feet in front of you.

Start with the ball in your left hand. Perform a crossover then step forward with your left foot and go between your legs with the ball.

Switch to starting with the ball in your right hand and perform the same sequence.

The next round requires you to bend your legs and stay low. Perform two pound dribbles and then a crossover. As soon as you perform the crossover, touch the cone with the hand that was just dribbling.

Finish your workout with some core exercises.

Get in pushup position and begin dribbling the ball with one hand while maintaining position.

Change to practicing two pound dribbles before crossing the ball over to your other hand while staying in pushup position.

The last exercise is a version of Russian twists. Sit on the ground and lean back a bit while lifting your legs up a little. You’re going to pass the ball between your legs while focusing on keeping your core tight.

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Tone Your Back with 3 Workouts from Ashley Gurrasi

Tone Your Back with 3 Workouts from Ashley Gurrasi

Having a toned back is crucial for maintaining balance, strong posture, and performing your best on the field or court. There are a ton of exercises you can do to tone your back, but personal trainer Ashley Guarassi has sent us some of her favorites that are perfect to add into your workout. Check them out below.

Varied Pushups

Alternate between sets of push-ups with wide hand placement and narrow hand placement.

Resistance Work

Grab a resistance band and start doing some fly workouts. These will help work on your delts, traps, and other back muscles.

Bent Over Rows

Take a dumbbell in each hand, slightly bend your knees, and lean your chest forward. Lift the dumbbell so that your elbow rises above your back.

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The Jordan Zion 1 Has Arrived

The Jordan Zion 1 Has Arrived

Zion Williamson has been a presence in basketball fans’ lives since his high school highlights were being reposted and shared by ESPN, Overtime, and Bleacher Report, among others. The jaw-dropping dunks and sheer athleticism on display were unlike anything anyone had seen since LeBron.

Zion would go on to spend one year at Duke, where he exceeded expectations. The most memorable moment of his college career might have been when, in a game against UNC, his shoe exploded after he tried to plant and cut. That high-profile incident, plus his status as the most hyped prospect in a decade, made his decision about what sneaker company he would sign with one of the most highly anticipated choices in a decade. 

While every major brand made a huge push to land Zion’s signature, he eventually committed to Jordan. Now, in his second season with New Orleans, Zion has the team challenging for a playoff spot. Meanwhile, Jordan announced the launch of his first signature shoe, the Jordan Zion 1.

Zion is built like almost no other player in the league. The brute strength and raw power he plays with make him nearly unguardable in one-on-one situations. Designing a shoe that will hold up to and accentuate his style of play was going to be a challenge, but the team at Jordan seems to have risen to it.

Cushioning and support were always going to be the two most important aspects of the shoe. Zion is a big man, and he needs a shoe that will prevent as much wear and tear on his knees and feet as possible. A full-length Air Strobel unit stitched directly into the upper helps give the impression that of walking on a cloud. Pair that with a Zoom Air unit sitting under the forefoot, and that’s how the design team came up with the perfect amount of cushioning for any player no matter how big or small.

The support in the shoe is also broken down into two components. The first is the higher sidewalls to protect players moving side to side. The shoe is a 5/8 cut, splitting the difference between low and high. The other component is a two-loop band that locks players in every time they lace up.

Other key components of the shoe include a multidirectional traction pattern to provide elite grip for all the planting and cutting players do throughout the game. There is also a padded tongue to relieve some of the pressure the laces put on the top of your foot.

The Jordan Zion 1 will be available starting 4/23. Make sure to head to Eastbay to snag a pair as well as all other Zion apparel from Jordan.