words by_Cheryl Mathis

We saw the future of football, and it’s definitely on the right track. Not only did the athlete all-stars who played in the Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl Games prove why they earned a spot on the roster, they also showed us all what happens when hard work pays off.

Eastbay Youth All-American BowlA brief recap:

7th Grade
WEST > 10
EAST > 7

8th Grade Unl
EAST > 32
WEST > 28

8th Grade Ltd
WEST > 35
EAST > 20

USA > 37

All of the games had on-the-edge-of-the-bleacher action, amplified by the sheer joy and exhilaration of the national stage and the phenomenal opportunity these kids have to shine like the all-stars they are.

Nobody could walk away from the Alamodome without a story to tell about the USA/Canada. The last few minutes of that game lit up the internet with the heart-stopping, hyperventilating “how is this happening?” responses from both sides. In the end, no one could argue that Canada outplayed the U.S.

Though there’s a strict rule that the crowd is not allowed to rush the field after a game, nobody could hold Canada in the stands as the score was finalized. The noise of the screaming families and friends of the Canadian players filled the ‘Dome with the deafening thunder that only victory can inspire.

7th Grade - East and West

2011 EBYAAB, 7th Grade - East and West

8th Grade Limited

2011 EBYAAB, 8th Grade Limited

8th Grade Limited

2011 EBYAAB, 8th Grade Limited

8th Grade Unlimited

2011 EBYAAB, 8th Grade Unlimited

2011 EBYAAB, USA vs Canada

2011 EBYAAB, USA vs Canada

Canada fans

2011 EBYAAB, Canada fans

Did you miss the live stream of the games? Have no fear. You’ll soon be able to watch the games after they’re archived at Eastbay.com.

Want to know how to be an all-star? Log your stats into Eastbay’s Close the Gap tool to see where you match up against the nation’s best, and then get solid advice on how to close the performance gap.