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We’ve entered the ‘go hard or go home’ phase of the NFL season. Teams are now in a position to clinch playoff spots or be eliminated from competition altogether. One of the teams that has been eliminated from playoff contention are the Denver Broncos, thus bringing about change in the Mile High city. Broncos owner Pat Bowlen decided that he had enough of the Josh McDaniels era in Denver. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan decided that he had enough of the Albert Haynesworth era in Washington. On a much more somber note, a Dallas Cowboys legend passed away this week. Catch up on the NFL stories you may have missed heading into Week 14 of play.

Week 13 NFL Weekly Headlines - Broncos Fire McDaniels

Broncos fire McDaniels

In last week’s headlines, Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was on the hot seat. The pressure is off this week, as Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has relieved McDaniels of his coaching duties. After a 10-6 loss to the division rival Kansas City Chiefs over the weekend, Bowlen apparently had enough. Another hot rumor making the rounds is that he wasn’t pleased with the fact that McDaniels refused to give rookie quarterback Tim Tebow an increase in playing time in what is now a lost season.

A little over a week ago, Bowlen described McDaniels’ job as safe in an interview with AOL Fanhouse, but immediately changed his stance in a statement to Broncos fans shortly after. In the statement, Bowlen said that he would “monitor” the team’s progress and evaluate what was in the best interest of the franchise. What’s best for the franchise seems to be erasing the debacle that was Josh McDaniels coaching tenure. Running backs coach Eric Studesville was named the interim coach of the Broncos for the remainder of the season.

Week 13 NFL Weekly Headlines - Haynesworth Suspended

Haynesworth Suspended

After six months of hating each others guts, it appears that the Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth saga has finally reached its boiling point. The 2-time Pro Bowler was suspended for the remainder of the season for what the Washington Redskins are calling “conduct detrimental to the team.” Haynesworth’s agent Chad Speck said that his client plans to appeal the suspension, adding that Haynesworth was never formally notified during the season that he was engaging in conduct that was detrimental to Washington.

Albert’s relationship with coach Mike Shanahan got off to a bad start this summer, when Haynesworth showed up to training camp out of shape. Throughout the season, the two have continued to clash. Shanahan claims Haynesworth takes plays off and likes to dictate when and when he won’t play. The Haynesworth camp denies those claims, refuting reports by saying that Shanahan is responsible for Albert being removed from plays. Shanahan adds that while he doesn’t believe he has a tainted personal relationship with Haynesworth, sitting out plays is unacceptable. The general feeling is that Haynesworth will not return to Washington next season and could return to Tennessee via trade.

Week 13 NFL Weekly Headlines - Rest In Peace Dandy Don

Rest In Peace Dandy Don

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Monday Night Football announcer Don Meredith passed away this week. Meredith, a member of the Cowboys Ring of Honor, played for Dallas from 1960-1968. One of the first Cowboys to become a national star, Meredith led the team to three straight division titles and to consecutive NFL Championship games in 1966 and 1967, falling short both times to the eventual champion Green Bay Packers.

Proving that there is life after football, Meredith was one of the first players to make a successful transition from the field to the announcer’s booth. He, Keith Jackson and the legendary Howard Cosell formed the Monday Night Football team in 1971. Known as “Dandy Don” because of his cheerful personality, Meredith became famous for singing “Turn out the lights, the party’s over” towards the end of games when he got the feeling that they had been decided. A man that was described as a charmer by everybody who knew him, Meredith passed away at the age of 72.

Week 13 Scores:
Houston Texans – 24, Philadelphia Eagles – 34
Buffalo Bills – 14, Minnesota Vikings – 38
Cleveland Browns – 13, Miami Dolphins – 10
Jacksonville Jaguars – 17, Tennessee Titans – 6
Washington Redskins – 7, New York Giants – 31
San Francisco 49ers – 16, Green Bay Packers – 34
New Orleans Saints – 34, Cincinnati Bengals – 30
Chicago Bears – 24, Detroit Lions – 20
Denver Broncos – 6, Kansas City Chiefs – 10
Oakland Raiders – 28, San Diego Chargers – 13
Atlanta Falcons – 28, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 24
St. Louis Rams – 19, Arizona Cadinals – 6
Carolina Panthers – 14, Seattle Seahawks – 31
Dallas Cowboys – 38, Indianapolis Colts – 35
Pittsburgh Steelers – 13, Baltimore Ravens – 10
New York Jets – 3, New England Patriots – 45

NFL Power Rankings Top 10
1. New England Patriots – Woodhead confirms that I received some terrible advice when I was told that I was too short to be a pro.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers – Polamalu is to defense what Vick is to offense. Exciting.
3. New Orleans Saints – Can’t help but to think Atlanta is going to win that division. Remaining schedule is too favorable.
4. Atlanta Falcons – Weems was thinking celebration a little too early.
5. Baltimore Ravens – What can you say? That was Ravens/Steelers football.
6. New York Jets – Has to be a quiet week at practice.
7. Chicago Bears – To make up for his play in recent weeks, Cutler will close out the season with 15 picks.
8. Philadelphia Eagles – That’s why he’s a MVP candidate.
9. Green Bay Packers – There’s no way Donald Driver is 35.
10. Kansas City Chiefs – All of us waiting for that San Diego surge might want to accept that the ‘Chefs’ are on the verge of locking up the West.

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