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If you’re looking for a good soap opera, there’s a new one out that is all the rage. The show is called “As the NFC East Turns,” and it’s never without drama. This week on “As the NFC East Turns,” Donovan is locked up, the Cowboys ride again and Vick is on top of the world. Don’t change that station!

Week 10 NFL Weekly Headlines: McNabb Staying Put; Photo Courtesy of Yahoo
McNabb Staying Put…Kinda
Prior to the ‘Monday Night Massacre’ in Landover, Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb signed a 5-year contract extension. The extension came just two weeks after McNabb’s highly publicized benching in a Week 8 game against the Detroit Lions. Reports say that the deal could be worth as much as $88 million dollars if McNabb reaches certain incentives, or as low as $3.75 million if McNabb is cut after this season. If Washington chooses to retain McNabb beyond this season, the quarterback will then be guaranteed $40 million with the new deal. Confusing, right?

Week 10 NFL Weekly Headlines: Cowboys Shine Under Garrett
Cowboys Shine Under Garrett
A lot of unexpected things happened in the NFL during Week 10, but perhaps nothing more shocking than the Dallas Cowboys’ beat down of the New York Giants. With Wade Phillips out and interim head coach Jason Garrett at the helm, Dallas’ offense finally looked as dangerous as advertised by posting 33 points on the league’s top ranked defense.

The charge was led by quarterback Jon Kitna, who played his best game as a Cowboy. The 14-year veteran completed 13 of his 22 passes for 327 yards and three touchdowns. Also making an impact was rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant, who seemingly made a big play anytime he got his hands on the ball. Bryant caught three passes for 104 yards and a touchdown on the day. When asked about the Dallas win, Bryant said, “We needed this.  I knew it was in all of us. I just felt like we had to come together and we did that tonight.”

On Sunday, it’s a meeting between the two Thanksgiving teams, when the Cowboys host the Detroit Lions. Will the Cowboys continue to thrive under the watch of Garrett?

Week 10 NFL Weekly Headlines: MV7 for MVP?; Photo Courtesy of Yahoo
MV7 for MVP?
Yesterday, we named Michael Vick the Eastbay NFL Player of the Week. However, his performance on Monday night, and throughout the season has everybody thinking bigger. Is it possible for Michael Vick to be named league MVP this season? If he continues to play at this level, it’ll be hard to argue against him.

The Eagles are 4-2 in games that Vick has played in this season. However, Vick either didn’t start or didn’t finish the two games that were lost. He leads in the league in QB rating by a pretty healthy margin. Vick has passed for 1,350 yards and 11 touchdowns and rushed for 341 yards and four touchdowns. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that he hasn’t thrown an interception or lost a fumble all season long. If he keeps it up, Michael may see himself on the podium receiving the MVP trophy in January, a far cry from where he was early last year.

Week 10 Scores:
Baltimore Ravens – 21, Atlanta Falcons – 26
Tennessee Titans – 17, Miami Dolphins – 29
New York Jets – 26, Cleveland Browns – 20
Cincinnati Bengals – 17, Indianapolis Colts – 23
Minnesota Vikings – 13, Chicago Bears – 27
Detroit Lions – 12, Buffalo Bills – 14
Carolina Panthers – 16, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 31
Houston Texans – 24, Jacksonville Jaguars – 31
Kansas City Chiefs – 29, Denver Broncos – 49
Dallas Cowboys – 33, New York Giants – 20
St. Louis Rams – 20, San Francisco 49ers – 23
Seattle Seahawks – 36, Arizona Cardinals – 18
New England Patriots – 39, Pittsburgh Steelers – 26
Philadelphia Eagles – 59, Washington Redskins – 28

NFL Power Rankings Top 10
1. New England Patriots – Never seen a player routinely pick apart the Steelers defense that way.
2. New York Jets – I was really looking forward to that tie.
3. Baltimore Ravens – Roddy pushed off, but that’s the breaks.
4. Pittsburgh Steelers – Should have at least put Hines in for a junk reception.
5. New Orleans Saints – The return of Reggie Bush should help the Saints continue their surge.
6. Indianapolis Colts – This team needs to get healthy fast.
7. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan looked like a next-level quarterback on that drive.
8. New York Giants – We’ll have to see how well Dallas plays for the rest of the season to determine how bad of a loss this was.
9. Philadelphia Eagles – Remember how you’d always pick the Falcons on Madden because Vick’s unbelievable virtual abilities would help mask the fact that you weren’t very good at the game? Virtual Vick was a reality on Monday.
10. Green Bay Packers – Pretty sure they’d love to be the team that officially slams the door on Favre’s playoff hopes.

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