words // Nick Engvall

The adidas Top Ten originated on the basketball courts in the late 1970s. As one of the most notable shoes from adidas, the Top Ten seems to have everlasting life. Since the time it originally released, it has not only become a staple amongst the adidas Originals Retro lineup, but has seen its share of reinventions as well. While the Top Ten 2000, which has been a regular Retro model for the last decade, falls into the performance basketball side of the Top Ten legacy, this summer a new lifestyle model will release from the Top Ten family tree.

The adidas Originals Top X will be available this summer in a number of colorways. This new version features a casual cupsole design and updated smooth lines without losing the timeless feel of the original Top Ten. One of the most noticeable features of the new version is the “X” tongue labeling that resides in place of the original Top Ten badging.


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