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When it comes to performance, light weight is always one of the most important aspects of nearly anything. The adidas adiZero line has done about as good of a job addressing this in the past couple of years as anyone could, especially when it comes to cleated footwear. Take, for example, the adidas adiZero F50 we saw throughout the World Cup, the adiZero Diamond King baseball cleat, or the adiZero Scorch football cleat. Each pushed the limits of what was thought to be possible for how low you can go when it comes to the weight of your cleats.

Most recently, we got a glimpse at the adiZero 5 Star as it was introduced to players at the All American Bowl. The players’ reactions said it all. These are light.

As the lightest football cleat ever created, at 6.9 ounces, the adidas adiZero 5 Star will set the pace for football cleats. Later this spring, as it becomes time to prepare for next season, Eastbay will have a number of exclusive colorways available. One colorway that seems to outshine the rest is this limited edition Metallic Gold and Black colorway of the adiZero 5 Star.

Look for the adiZero 5 Star to be available in April at Eastbay.

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