words // Luis Sanchez

For adidas, making the lightest product ever isn’t something they are focusing on only on the basketball court. Following that motto throughout all of the company’s categories, the innovators behind adidas track footwear recently brought to life the lightest sprint spike ever in the adiZero Prime SP.¬†As told by adidas Innovation Director Mic Lussier, this latest Eastbay exclusive video takes us behind the scenes for a look at the technology behind the all new adidas adiZero Prime SP. Exclusive to Eastbay in the United States, the adiZero Prime SP features a variety of innovations developed by the adidas team specifically for the adiZero Prime SP.

Becoming the lightest sprint spike ever, the Prime SP features a seamless Sprint Web upper, with a TPU reinforcing overlay providing maximum security for sprinters. The adiZero Prime SP also features a adiZero Nano Plate, becoming the lightest, stiffest plate ever used on a sprint spike. Nano ceramic compression pins are also utilized on the adiZero Prime SP, composed of the same metals used on the rivets seen on Boeing planes. The nano compression pins provide sprinters with maximum propulsion off the track thanks to the specific pin placement on the adiZero Nano Plate.

Continue on to hear all about the design and process behind the adidas adiZero Prime SP, as adidas Innovation Director Mic Lussier details the fastest and lightest sprint spike ever made by adidas.

Available: adidas adiZero Prime SP – Core Energy/Zero Metallic