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Last week, we told you about an upstart sneaker company that goes by the name of Ektio. Designed by radiologist Dr. Barry Katz, Ektio aims to put an end to ankle sprains, which are the single most common orthopedic injury in the world. Two Ektio models, the Wraptor and Post Up, are currently available to purchase here at Eastbay and retail for about $200.

Ektio’s first celebrity spokesman is none other than former New York Knicks point guard John Starks. A victim of many ankle injuries in his day, Starks says that he wishes the shoe were on the market when he played. Watch the clip below to hear Starks talk more about Ektio footwear, including the brand’s plan to push the shoe from the high school ranks up to the NBA.

Available: Ektio Wraptor

Available: Ektio Post Up

via NY Daily