adidas adiZero Rose 2 Black Red White - All Flights Cancelled G22887

words // Brandon Richard

After a playoff match-up last season, Indiana Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel stated that Derrick Rose had “Allen Iverson’s speed, Jason Kidd’s vision, Chauncey Billups’ shooting and Michael Jordan’s athleticism.” He then followed that praise with the question, “How do you guard that?” The answer is pretty simple – you can’t. Whatever plans you have for stopping the Chicago Bulls’ floor general may as well be thrown out the window, which is the concept behind adidas Basketball’s “All Flights Cancelled” theme for the brand new adiZero Rose 2.

For a player with unique qualities like Rose, you need a shoe that separates him from the pack, and the adiZero Rose 2 is unlike any other sneaker you’ll see on the market. Supporting Derrick’s unmatched speed is a lightweight build headlined by adidas’ SprintWeb technology, a synthetic and mesh layer that reduces the weight of the shoe without sacrificing performance. With his quick and deliberate cuts, gore straps have been employed for additional ankle support. A SprintFrame external heel counter allows for stability and motion control. Below, a brand new Splatter traction pattern has been designed as a nod to Derrick’s “volcanic” style of play.

Strap in and prepare for takeoff with this exclusive video look at the adidas adiZero Rose 2, available now at Eastbay.