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Vans has been making skate shoes since 1966, which means they’ve seen styles come and go like bad movies. As skateboarding progressed from an underground rebellion into one of the most popular cultures in the world, so have the style of the one thing that has always been in touch with the board, the shoes.

The Authentic, which back then was known as the #44, is one design from Vans that has never gone out of style. It’s simple, subtle and clean lines had people lining up back in the sixties, and despite the up and down of skate shoe styles, the Authentic has always been a timeless style that many people have enjoyed. Just in time for heading back to school, Vans has released some new colorways of the Authentic, and true to form, simplicity still seems to work best for this style.

Available now: Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic Fall 2010 ColorwaysVans Authentic Fall 2010 ColorwaysVans Authentic Fall 2010 Colorways