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Eastbay Youth All-American BowlAll Eastbay eyes are on the group of superstar athletes who are working out in San Antonio, Texas, in preparation for the big game this weekend. While the majority of attention is given to the US Army All-American Bowl that will be broadcasted live on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011, we’re looking forward to what happens the day after: the Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl.

Together with Football University, we searched across the country for standout seventh and eighth graders who deserved a spot on an all-star Bowl Game roster. Many of these athletes will be the obvious choice a few years down the road for the US Army Bowl game, but we’re lucky enough to get to know them now.

Though the dozens of names on the roster for the three separate games might seem like a crowd, each name shines. For most, this opportunity to play on the national stage was the stuff of daydreams, a dream that finally culminated with a school pep rally where he was presented with his own Bowl jersey. Eastbay knows all of the names, and we’re proud of each of these top athletes.

Today’s student athletes are tomorrow’s superstars, and though not every athlete will go on to a professional career, athletic achievement still plays a large role in self-esteem, academic performance and physical development. The players who will take to the field on Sunday have spent countless hours training for this opportunity in their hometowns and just a few short days training with their Bowl squad.

Don’t miss the Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl on Sunday! You can stream the games live at Eastbay. The seventh graders will be up first in Game 1, followed by eighth graders (unlimited) in Game 2 and eighth graders (limited) in Game 3. Stick around to watch US take on Canada in Game 4.

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