words // Nick Engvall

Ever since the Teva brand was created in 1984, the company has been creating footwear focused on the outdoors, and even more specifically, water. The company has progressed from sport sandals to their most current creation, a water sock-like shoe designed for wake skating. All along the way, their focus has been to create footwear that allows the wearer to experience the lakes, rivers and oceans that cover our world and still have significant protection and added traction on their feet.

The Teva Gnarkosi is a progression of Teva technologies that continues to balance their “play and protect” approach to water shoes. As the official shoe of the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, the Gnarkosi is loaded with Teva Innovative Design Elements (T.I.D.E.). Beginning with T.I.D.E. Grip on the outsole for traction, it features a durable and ultra-sticky makeup that unlike many of Teva’s other designs, takes a flatter, more skate shoe-like design. Where the Gnarkosi gets really innovative is throughout the midsole and upper. Teva’s Drain Frame technology “drains water like a sieve” through perforations throughout the toe, midsole, and side panels. While draining the water is important, equally important is the durable material that Teva uses that won’t absorb water in the first place. Along with all of these innovations, the Gnarkosi is equipped with ShocPad cushioning to keep you comfortable and assist in shock absorption.

Available now: Teva Gnarkosi

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