Sole Team Shots

words & image_Steve Mullholand

A few months ago, I was at a mall and saw someone wearing these insanely loud ASICS, and I knew I had to find out where he got them. It is kind of funny, because usually people are coming up to me asking where I got those shoes – but the tables where turned and I truly wanted to know the story behind them. Come to find out, he worked at a running shop and the shoes were samples. I already know how that story goes – I’m not getting them. But a few weeks later, the shoes showed up on the Eastbay Blog – !

I placed the order, and they showed up a few days later. Now anyone that knows me understands that I have some super loud and crazy limited shoes, but for some reason these kicks just struck me as right. The first time I wore them, I had a number of people come up to me and say, “Nice shoes.” They weren’t into the sneaker game – this was nothing like wearing the SC Penny IIs, where people talk up the model. This was different; they just liked the loudness of the shoes. So when I got home, I did what any other proper sneakerhead would do: I ordered another pair to stash.

This is a feature we are going to start posting every week or so, and we’re calling it Sole Team Shots. The Sole Collector staff will present a pair of shoes they bought from Eastbay, and I’m sure each shoe will have a good story behind them.

Available now: Asics GEL Noosa Tri 6

Sole Team Shots - Steve's Asics GEL Noosa

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