Sole Shots: Derrick Rose

words // Brandon Richard

This week, the sneaker world was taken over by Derrick Rose and the release of his brand new signature adidas basketball shoes, the adidas adiZero Rose 2. Inspired by Derrick’s aerodynamic style of play, the Rose 2 is a lightweight silhouette aided by adidas’ SprintWeb technology, gore ankle straps, SprintFrame support and a Splatter traction rubber outsole. Taking on an “All Flights Cancelled” theme, the shoe lists names of several major NBA cities, each of which will have their “flight” plans changed this season because of the play of Rose.

To celebrate the official launch of the adidas adiZero Rose 2, Sole Shots takes a look at the adidas Derrick Rose signature line. Photo submissions from members of Sole Collector and sneaker enthusiasts around the world include the adiZero Rose, adiZero Rose 1.5, adiZero Rose 2 and Rose colorways of the TS Supernatural Creator and adiZero Crazy Light.

Read on for a look at some Derrick Rose x adidas photography.

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose - whoryderDavid Tufino aka WhoRyder, New York City

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – khamKham, France

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – TRICTRIC, Philippines

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – ShooterShooter, Montreal, Canada

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – onoudidntgfAlan Leung aka onoudidntgf, Bakersfield, California

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose - ajasuncionajasuncion, Philippines

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – Rico DeasisRico Deasis aka kaboose, Antioch, California

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – DonJuan513RegularOlTy aka DonJuan513, Chicago, Illinois

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – garysiigarysii, Miami, Florida

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose Edition – Jigbie AguireJigbie Aguirre, Chicago, Illinois

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose - Ira PaxtonIra Paxton, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose - Ginash GeorgeGinash George aka synth19, Chicago, Illinois

Sole Shots: Derrick Rose – Nene33Nene33, Netherlands

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