Sole Shots: 11/11/XI

words // Brandon Richard

Today, Eastbay and Sole Collector celebrate the once in a lifetime date of 11/11/11 by showcasing one of the most popular sneaker models of all time, the Air Jordan XI. Introduced in 1995, the Tinker Hatfield-designed Jordan shoes were a real game-changer, bringing patent leather construction, carbon fiber spring plates and Cordura uppers to the forefront of basketball footwear design. Michael Jordan wore the shoe during the 1995-1996 season, when the Chicago Bulls won a record 72 games en route to a fifth NBA Championship. The Air Jordan XI remains the Jordan Brand’s hottest buy and is set to return to Eastbay this December in the highly sought after “Concord” colorway.

Read on for a look at various Air Jordan XIs shared by members of the Sole Collector Forums and sneaker enthusiasts from around the world to commemorate 11/11/11. We’re not done with the Air Jordan XI just yet! We’ll be celebrating the “Concord” release with a Sole Shots post as well, so check the bottom of the page for information on how you can submit your photos.

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI - Air Butchie ProductionsAir Butchie Productions, Pasadena, California

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – PlaiOIgor PlaiO, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – Stephan KuntzeStephan Kuntze, Hamburg, Germany

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – quicksterPat Lauder aka quickster, Gilroy, California

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – DJ PrecisionDJ Precision, Queens, New York

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – baktrak15baktrak15, Rio Grand Valley, Texas

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – air_maestroair_maestro, Poland

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – h00p0h0licRyan Sullivan aka h00p0h0lic, Seattle, Washington

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – Reid GlazeReid Glaze aka ReidSB, Dallas, Texas

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – KIK.INGKIK.ING, Malaysia

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – ntmainNyi aka ntmain, Florida

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – jstforkicks22jstforkicks22, Miami, Florida

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – BryantDIGITALBryantDIGITAL, Lansing, Michigan

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – AristoMattAristoMatt, Oregon

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – Edward SanchezEdward Sanchez, Orange County, California

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – Eugene KuizonEugene Kuizon, Philippines

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – boswotellsboswottels, Netherlands

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – Erik MarroquinErik Marroquin, Forth Worth Texas

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – DatKidFelixDatKidFelix, College Park, Georgia

Sole Shots: 11/11/XI – FIREPOWER23FIREPOWER23, England

If you’re interested in submitting your photos for Sole Shots, e-mail us at Please include your name and location with your submissions. You also have the option of providing us with a link to your online photo album or website to link back to when we post your work. You do not have to be a registered member of Sole Collector to participate.